Discover Your Purpose Paint

Is This the Year You Discover Your Purpose?

Why is purpose so important, anyway?

What's the big deal with purpose?

Having a sense of purpose is said to be associated with overall better physical and mental health.

Because of the importance of feeling worthwhile, many people do whatever they can to discover their life purpose or passions.
Personally, I took classes, seminars, read books, asked others, looked to astrology, scientific hand analysis, Human Design, and more. Even today, I continue to tweak my purpose – but that’s part of …

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How Long are you Willing to be on Hold?

We thought putting our dreams on hold was the answer. 

Bills needed to be paid and families needed our support. We were told we had to act like a grown-up and be responsible. We were told it was better to give than to receive and some of us were told our dreams were foolish and we learned to bury our desires, dreams, and passion.

And we began to make some false assumptions about ourselves and our lives. We assumed dreams (or following our purpose) were folly and we felt unworthy. These false a…

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I Am

It's Time to Dream Again

I know you. You want to live a life of passion and purpose. You want to follow your dreams and live your bliss.

And while this all sounds good, that little voice inside might be whispering (or screaming), “Yeah, but…..I have to eat and pay my bills.” Or “Yeah, but….I don’t even know what my passion and purpose is.” Or, “Yeah, but…I’m stuck in my job.”  
We all have our own personal “Yeah, but…” scenario and the more we listen to that fear-based voice, the longer we will settle for less.  An…

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2022.09.01 Purpose

Let's Talk About Life Purpose

I'm a late bloomer!

I spent 50 years trying to figure out my life purpose. I read books (some of which I still have). I took classes. I took self-assessments. I listened to others.

It wasn’t until I stopped chasing after my life purpose and simply allowed myself to BE that I realized that my purpose was within me all along. You see, it was ME!

Purpose is about embodying, and accepting, the story that is YOU. Being who you are and exploring who you are (and who you are not) unveils your purp…

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