✋✋ Hands up if you think that life should be more than to-do lists, cooking, shopping, laundry, and a feeling of being on a never-ending hamster wheel and constantly overwhelmed...

Settling, people-pleasing, and playing small is not what you’re meant to be doing. You want to design a life of meaning, fulfillment, and passion, right? You want to feel fully alive and uncover the precious gem that you are!

When you "do life" from the place of knowing your worth, trusting and listening to yourself, getting more real and honest, and living in alignment with who you've come here to be, magic happens - in all areas of your life.

That’s where I come in. I can help you crush your excuses and move beyond the negative voices in your head so you can amp up your self-worth, boost your self-confidence, and connect with your calling.

Why me? Settling, people-pleasing, and playing small was my life. I thought I needed to prove my worth, I cut myself off from my feelings, and I worried that I wasn’t good enough. That meant that no one knew the ‘real me' (and I was in a constant state of feeling like a fraud).

After a lot of reading, studying, and searching, I finally listened to my own inner wisdom and things began to change. I began to change. I uncovered (and welcomed) the superpowers I had kept buried most of my life. Today, I use my keen intuition, quirky sense of humor, and compassionate presence in order to create a safe place for you to explore your own genius.

In my world, what you’ve been looking for has always been inside of you. Let’s uncover it together!

I guide you to live your aligned life in the following ways....

Visionary Coaching (private or group)

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life? Are you ready for some guidance, support, tools, and encouragement so you can let go of what's not serving you?

Transform frustration to focus, confusion to clarity, and self-doubt to self-confidence.

Digital Products

Maybe you're not quite ready for personal coaching. After all, some people like to process things in their own way and in their own time. They like to take some time to think about things and don't want to commit to a regular schedule of calls.

If that sounds like you, then online courses might be just up your alley. Self-study and self-paced all the way.

Free Stuff

All of the free items I offer I've used myself. In fact, I first created them for myself and I loved them enough to offer them to others.

You'll find strategies and resources to help you transform passion and possibilities into a more rewarding and meaningful life.

I also have a lot of free eBooks on mindset and human development that are in the public domain. After all, they're timeless!

Recent Blog Posts to help you live your aligned life

2022.09.01 Purpose

Let's Talk About Life Purpose

I'm a late bloomer!

I spent 50 years trying to figure out my life purpose. I read books (some of which I still have). I took classes. I took self-assessments. I listened to others.

It wasn’t until I stopped chasing after my life purpose and simply allowed myself to BE that I realized that my purpose was within me all along. You see, it was ME!

Purpose is about embodying, and accepting, the story that is YOU. Being who you are and exploring who you are (and who you are not) unveils your purp…

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2022.08.25 Self-Care

The Truth about Self-Care

Self-care was a loaded word for me.

 The Myth

When I heard the words ‘self-care’ I immediately thought of self-pampering. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a massage (and I have one monthly) and I also look forward to my pedicure and can’t wait to sit in the massage chair at the nail salon.

To me, self-care was a luxury, a treat, or a reward. An occasional ‘something’ to look forward to. I reacted to self-care as if it were a four-letter word!

Luckily, I’m able to change my mind and when I t…

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2020.11.20 Blog

This is an Inside Job

Let’s face it, I’m busy. How about you? 

I keep signing up for more and more classes (the ones I’m interested in, of course). I have a growing ‘to read’ list. I participate in two meditation groups and two coaching support groups. I facilitate the most-wonderful-and-awesome 'upliftment group', write blogs, create classes, work with clients, and work full-time. Whew!
So it can become really easy for me to buy into the lie that “I don’t have enough time.” And when that happens, I can come to ne…

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