✋✋ Hands up if you think that life should be more than to-do lists, cooking, shopping, laundry, and a feeling of being on a never-ending hamster wheel and constantly overwhelmed...

Settling, people-pleasing, and playing small is not what you’re meant to be doing. You want to design a life of meaning, fulfillment, and passion, right? You want to feel fully alive and uncover the precious gem that you are!

When you "do life" from the place of knowing your worth, trusting and listening to yourself, getting more real and honest, and living in alignment with who you've come here to be, magic happens - in all areas of your life.

That’s where I come in. I can help you crush your excuses and move beyond the negative voices in your head so you can amp up your self-worth, boost your self-confidence, and connect with your calling.

Why me? Settling, people-pleasing, and playing small was my life. I thought I needed to prove my worth, I cut myself off from my feelings, and I worried that I wasn’t good enough. That meant that no one knew the ‘real me' (and I was in a constant state of feeling like a fraud).

After a lot of reading, studying, and searching, I finally listened to my own inner wisdom and things began to change. I began to change. I uncovered (and welcomed) the superpowers I had kept buried most of my life. Today, I use my keen intuition, quirky sense of humor, and compassionate presence in order to create a safe place for you to explore your own genius.

In my world, what you’ve been looking for has always been inside of you. Let’s uncover it together!

I guide you to live your aligned life in the following ways....

On-Demand Coaching

Do you want the flexibility and fluidity to take life as it comes without a set time and day for coaching calls. On-demand coaching allows you to be laser-focused on what you need help with NOW. 

Get the support, accountability, guidance, and clarity you need when you need it. 

Digital Products

Not sure about personal coaching?  I get it. It's hard to trust someone new. Maybe online courses might be just up your alley. Self-study and self-paced all the way.

And no set pricing, so you can pay what you want! Yippee!!

Your Aligned Life Academy

Get the clarity and self-acceptance you need without forcing yourself to fit into someone else's idea of success, beauty, or brilliance!

It's time to stop trying to piece together a fulfilling life by following every self-help expert out there and sacrificing your authenticity for acceptance.

Being you is about to get a whole lot easier.

Recent Blog Posts to help you live your aligned life


I Found Buried Treasure

Janet, you are so sensitive!

I used to hear that from my mom and when she said it, I just knew it was a bad thing. And so, like a good girl, I became less and less sensitive. Of course, I didn’t bother to ask what she meant by being sensitive. I thought she meant my feelings got hurt easily. I don’t remember if my feelings did get hurt easily or not. Maybe. But, maybe not. 

I do remember that I put my whole heart into my friendships and I wasn’t able to distinguish a real friend from someone…

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2021.04.08 Ask for What you Want

It's Time to Ask for what you Want

Do you ask for what you want? Or do you ask for what you think you can have?

These questions have come up quite a bit in my life lately. They’ve come up during my free Get Acquainted Sessions, during a workshop I recently attended, from a mentor who posted on Facebook, and even on a call I had a couple of weeks ago with my spiritual study partner.

So many of us are afraid to dream big, to ask for what we want, to state our desire, to cut our moorings loose and allow ourselves to shine. Wher…

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The Road to Settling is Not a One-Way Street

Settling. When does it start? And why are we so eager to settle?

I remember when my daughter was in college pursuing a dream. For two summers, she was able to take advantage of an internship with the company I work for. I began to wonder, "What if she could get a permanent job here? The pay is good and the benefits are great." It seems like I was more than eager for her to begin that life of 'settling.'

When I was young, I wanted to be a psychology major and I was hungry to learn all that I …

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