Hands up if you think that life should be more than to-do lists, cooking, shopping, laundry, and a feeling of being on a never-ending hamster wheel and constantly overwhelmed...

Pink ArrowAre you a master at putting on a happy face and pretending everything is okay but deep down feel insecure, flawed, and inauthentic?

Pink ArrowDoes your negative self-talk keep you wondering if it's too late to start or that's it's no use, because you’ve tried so many times before and didn’t get the results you were looking for?

Pink ArrowIs there a part of you that's scared to rock the boat, because after all, things aren’t that bad?

I can identify with all of that because that was me to a "Letter T."

Whether you know exactly what you want for yourself or you just know it's 'not this,' I help you navigate the twists and turns (and the mountains and molehills) on the journey back to who you came here to be and create a life that turns you on and lights you up!

So, if you want to create a joyful, juicy life that reflects the deepest part of who you are, and ignite your unique brilliance and passion, look around…

I guide you to live your aligned life in the following ways....

Visionary Coaching (private or group)

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life? Are you ready for some guidance, support, tools, and encouragement so you can let go of what's not serving you?

Transform frustration to focus, confusion to clarity, and self-doubt to self-confidence.

Digital Products

Maybe you're not quite ready for personal coaching. After all, some people like to process things in their own way and in their own time. They like to take some time to think about things and don't want to commit to a regular schedule of calls.

If that sounds like you, then online courses might be just up your alley. Self-study and self-paced all the way.

Free Stuff

All of the free items I offer I've used myself. In fact, I first created them for myself and I loved them enough to offer them to others.

You'll find strategies and resources to help you transform passion and possibilities into a more rewarding and meaningful life.

I also have a lot of free eBooks on mindset and human development that are in the public domain. After all, they're timeless!

Recent Blog Posts to help you live your aligned life

2022.01.13 Permission

Permission is Power

Sometimes clarity eludes us because we have blocks to our own brilliance and magnificence. Maybe what’s really blocking us is not lack of clarity but fear of our greatness. And this fear can get in the way of making decision or even taking action. 

This is where permission comes in.

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Is there Such a Thing as Dream Shaming?

Don’t judge your dreams and goals by what others think. And don’t compare your dreams and goals with anyone else’s either. Neither one is healthy nor smart. Your dreams are unique to you and they’re perfectly suited to you as well. Don’t allow your tendency to compare and judge take you away from the joy of dreaming or the magic of becoming who you are meant to be.

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2021.12.23 Dreams

The Energy of Desire

If you can connect with the energy of a desire that is an expression of your soul, of your inner genius, of your inner brilliance, then you're not chasing something to MAKE you happy. Instead, you are choosing to experience something that is the fulfillment of your very nature‼️

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