Is it time to take your dreams, visions, and desires more seriously?

And by 'seriously' I don't mean pushy, nervously, anxiously, or without humor or spunk. That's not fun or exciting.

I mean paying attention to those ideas and longings that you might have been afraid to speak about. That place that is soft and sacred and sexy and scary. That place that you might be afraid is 'too good to be true.' You know the place. Your brilliance. Your impact. Your quest. Your passion. Your vision. Your fierceness. Your feistiness. Your rebelliousness. Your creativity. Your alignment. Your authenticity. Dare I say it....Your Power.

The world needs what you've got!

But it's been so easy to ignore your longing. To make excuses. To think you're not ready. Or enough. Or worthy. Or talented. So your longing stays on the back burner (or God forbid, on the top shelf high up in your closet stuffed behind other nonsense and out of the way so you don't have to look at it).

And then it finds a way in! And maybe you think 'someday' but you know you're kidding yourself because the excuses are year, when I have more time, when I know more, when I have more confidence, when I have more money - - - when. When?

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Jacqueline K. - Alexandria, VA

“The group helped me get the clarity I needed and seemed to inspire courage that I didn't know I had. It's the perfect combination of structure and flexibility and the times I've needed extra help and support, the Mustang Sallies group was there for me - holding me up, supporting me, and being a safe place to share.”

Alexandria, VA

Maybe it's time to listen

And when we listen to ourselves and other women (and I mean really listen) something magical, inspirational, and transformational happens. We UNMASK our essence. We get to come out of hiding and dance and play and create and be astounding and lighthearted and irreverent and free!

Mustang Sallies is an intimate group of women (no more than 6 per group) who are fierce, intelligent, creative, wise, supportive, caring, and awesome!


Are you craving a deeper connection?

I asked some friends, "what's missing in your life?" and a theme emerged. In one way or another, each of my friends was longing for a deeper connection...

...a deeper connection to their commitment to themselves

...a deeper connection with their dreams, aspirations, and juicy desires

...a deeper connection with their friends so those friendships could be more fulfilling

...a deeper connection to humanity, spirituality, compassion, and values

Getting these responses actually made my heart sing! (and I didn't know my heart could sing - - and in tune, even!)

Who You Are

You know that you've been playing it safe for too long, and it bugs you. You're creative, playful, funny, intelligent, and big-hearted - but you may not get to show that side of yourself enough because you are also responsible and you work hard. 

You get a lot done so you take a lot on. But that can leave you exhausted and shifting between confidence and self-doubt, between feeling accomplished and feeling overwhelmed. It isn't easy (or natural) for you to set healthy boundaries because, let's face it, part of your mojo comes from helping, supporting, educating, or inspiring others. Plus, you are fiercely loyal. And you just know that Wonder Woman is in there somewhere!

You find realness, honesty, and vulnerability exciting. You are just fed up with the emotional (or spiritual) bypassing you encounter within yourself and others. And mindless small talk DOES NOT rock your world. 

And you tend to think you are the only one who feels this way.

But when you find those kindred spirits, those fellow travelers that don't shy away from 'real', it's like magic nectar that has the power to revitalize and reaffirm.  

And Then There's Me


I admit it, I don't have it all figured out, and that can be exciting (and it sure keeps things interesting). I'm a wonderful work in progress and my clients appreciate knowing that because it's authentic, risky, and real. And they can relate.

I'm also sassy, audacious, inspiring, funny, and bold. I'm tired of listening to what everyone else thinks I should do and how I need to do 'coaching.' I'm done drinking the 'Kool-Aid.' Needless to say, that means I often take the hard way (but it's my way - the way of my heart and soul). I'm a maverick and a trailblazer. I make stuff up and make it up again. And once I make up my mind, I move quickly. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. I enjoy questioning everything! I crave substance over superficial and I've felt like I didn't belong most of my life. 

But I belong here.

Are you ready to ride?

I hope so. Because your possibilities are endless.

Here's what you might gain when you join Mustang Sallies

  • clarity and insight
  • accountability partners
  • loving support (and gentle nudging)
  • deeper connection
  • greater self-love, self-respect, and self-worth
  • anything your heart desires!!

Space is very limited as we cap the participants at 6 per group.

Each Mustang Sallies group meets for 12 weeks. And you can join again and again for another 12 week session

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Investment: $240 for 12 weeks (or $75/mo for 4 months)

"I'm ready to Ride!" - put me on the waitlist
Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Wanda D. - Flagstaff, AZ

“The Mustang Sallies group has been invaluable! It has been a safe space to bring my goals, my accountabilities, my wins, and my challenges. I feel free to express myself and it offers me the opportunity to be of help to others as well. Win-win. The group participants are non-judgmental and have offered terrific tips to make my way easier. ”

Flagstaff, AZ

Ride, Sally, Ride!