Are you tired of settling when you should be soaring?

I know what it's like to live a life in neutral. I know what it's like to feel hollow inside. I know what it's like to have forgotten my dreams, my potential, and my possibilities. I know what it's like to feel like a fraud, a phony, and that I'm not good enough.

I've always been a people-pleaser and wanted to make others happy. My dad wanted to fly planes, so I went with him to the model airplane field, joined Civil Air Patrol, and took ground school training when I was a teenager. That was his dream, not mine.

And I never asked myself, "What do I want?"

My dad wanted me to be in business, so I want to college and got my degree in Business Administration. Again, that was his dream, not mine.

And I never asked myself, "What do I want?"

I settled into married life at age 19 and since I wanted to please my husband, I learned how to fish, how to shoot, how to play cards, and how to cook like his mother. That was his dream, not mine.

And I never asked myself, "What do I want?"

I thought the way to love and acceptance was to fit in and become what what others wanted me to be.

Ultimately, the cost was my sense of self. The cost was getting detached from my own feelings, desires, and value.

On the outside my life looked good...amazing even! I had a great job and earned good money, I drove a luxury car, and had a boatload of amazing clothes and shoes, I lived in a desirable neighborhood, and had a solid family life.

But inside I was struggling and suffering. I was discontent, I questioned the meaning of life constantly, and I wondered why I couldn't be happy with what I had. Something was definitely wrong with me. After all, my life was pretty.damn.good.

And I never asked myself, "What do I want?"

Eventually, my discontent led me on a quest to find out who I was and what I was here for.

I needed to ask myself, "What do I want?"

And ask I did. And I also did something very important; I listened. Oh yeah, and I took action, even when it was scary. When it was scary, I took baby steps.

And amazing things happened.

Somehow, discontent was replaced with joy. Dissatisfaction was replaced with contentment. And self-loathing was replaced with acceptance. And I saw myself in a new light. All the things I thought were wrong with me (that I was afraid to show the world) were actually quite wonderful and unique and pointed the way to my own brilliance and value.

Can you say #speechless?

And what is this brilliance and value you might ask?

 I effectively blend humor, inspiration and encouragement with practical tools and innovative approaches that empower women to:

  • identify faulty beliefs that may be keeping them stuck & thinking there's something wrong with them
  • reconnect with their dreams and passion & help them remember who they are
  • value and believe in themselves - all of themselves, even the parts they think are unlovable
  • unmask the parts of themselves they think isn't safe to show & allow their inner splendor, glory, and juiciness to come out of hiding
  • heal their relationship with money & heal their relationship with themselves

I learned some critical secrets that I now teach to all of my clients

  • Fear and doubt are never the truth
  • You don't need to be fixed
  • It's never too late
  • Facing your 'dark side' won't kill you
  • You are worth it!
  • You can say "yes" to yourself without feeling guilty
  • You can overcome self-sabotage
  • Stepping into your power and brilliance is super-sexy
Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I was different after the very first call. I felt bolder, stronger, and able to bring out the best of my being and this feeling increased over each call. Today I am so very busy doing all the things I love in business and pleasure. ”

St. Catharines, ON

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I was able to create some heart-centered and exciting goals along with a practical action plan. Janet had a way to dissolve and cut through my excuses in a light-hearted and fun way. It helped me laugh at myself and re-commit to my dreams. I always felt supported and encouraged.”

Cincinnati, OH

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Janet is amazing! Her insight into what you are not saying is always spot on. She is able to guide you in a supportive way to your goals. Working with her has been a gift.”

Atlanta, GA

What Makes Me Different?

Left and right brained

I easily brainstorm ideas, think outside the box, and visualize creative solutions. But I'm also right at home as an analytical project planner, logical thinker, list-maker, and organizer. I like to think of myself as creatively anal.

I tell it like it is

My communication style is honest and open, yet compassionate and encouraging. I prefer directness over wishy-washy. At the same time I'm told that I'm super-approachable and a safe place. I don't judge, but I don't buy into your BS excuses either.

I have a unique approach to spirituality

I bring a deep knowledge of spiritual principles to everything I do. But, I don't allow my spirituality to get in the way of having fun or even making fun of myself. I believe we can't 'get it wrong' and the harder we try to 'get it right' the unhappier we become.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm a healer

It's not that I'm trying to be a healer, it's just my energy. I've tried to hide from it my entire life, but wherever I go, people feel calmer, lighter, and seem to believe in possibilities in ways they hadn't before. Go figure.

It's not a sign from the universe

If you insist on not moving forward until you see a sign from the universe, I'm probably not your gal. Just because something isn't 'easy and effortless' doesn't mean it's a sign you're on the wrong path. I believe we are all one (and yes, that means one with the universe). So that sign? It's coming from you.

        imagine the possibilities of a life where you say "YES" to yourself!