It's Time to Dream Again

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I know you. You want to live a life of passion and purpose. You want to follow your dreams and live your bliss.

And while this all sounds good, that little voice inside might be whispering (or screaming), “Yeah, but…..I have to eat and pay my bills.” Or “Yeah, but….I don’t even know what my passion and purpose is.” Or, “Yeah, but…I’m stuck in my job.”  
We all have our own personal “Yeah, but…” scenario and the more we listen to that fear-based voice, the longer we will settle for less.  And then one day we might wake up to discover the voice of our dream (or purpose) has gone completely silent! 

“Most men die from the neck up by the age of 25, because they stop dreaming.”
          ~ Benjamin Franklin

Yes, it's time to dream again!

Just check in and see if any of these resonate for you…

  • You look at what others are doing and how they are living and want to be like them (even if how they are living isn't what you want, they seem to be happy, alive, and living their dream).
  • You sign up for a bunch of free programs or free newsletters hoping for the spark of magic, but not fully taking in any lessons and not implementing any of the tools or tips.
  • You refuse to move if everything isn’t perfect and end up in paralysis.
  • You spend a lot of time going over your excuses in your head.
  • Maybe you tell yourself you should be happy with what you have. After all, your life isn’t so bad, right?

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg and each of these is simply a habit or an obstacle which is preventing you from living your purpose or accomplishing your dream. 
Are you afraid to fail? Or maybe you are afraid to succeed? How will your life change? What will people think? Do you think you have to do it alone? I know quite a few people who have opted to copy someone else so they’d be guaranteed success. The problem is, who and what they were copying didn’t ignite their passion. They were settling for someone else’s life.
It’s time to dream again!
I have some quick steps to help you identify your excuses and obstacles.  

Step 1:  List the reasons or excuses why the people you know don’t follow their dreams. It’s usually easier to see habits and patterns of others and where they are falling short. However, if we can spot it in others, chances are we have that same pattern!
Step 2:  List the reasons or excuses you have given for not following your dreams. There might be some from the list you just made, or there may be personal reasons. If you come up with a huge list, circle the top 6 reasons.
Step 3:  Determine if the reason or excuse is valid. 
  • Ask yourself if you have EVER accomplished anything even though you might have the same excuse. For example, suppose your excuse is you don’t have enough money to begin. Have you ever accomplished anything when you felt money was in short supply? Did anything good or fun ever happen when you felt broke?
  • Ask yourself if ANYONE ELSE has ever accomplished anything even though they may have had the same excuse. 
Step 4:  Cross the invalid reasons off your list. After careful reflection, you should be able to eliminate your reasons and excuses as being valid (I know they aren’t the truth, do you?) Cross them off you list and NEVER SPEAK OF THAT REASON AGAIN.
If you do have any reasons or excuses left on your list, awareness is the first step to changing anything. These might be deep-seated ideas and beliefs that have not only been keeping you from living your purpose or following your dreams but keeping you from expressing yourself fully.
It’s time to dream again!

Crushing your excuses can be hard because they sound so valid and convincing in your head. If you need help or if you’re ready to shift to something new, I can help. Let's connect. 

Say yes to yourself by remembering your dreams!
Rock On

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Janet is an effective 'Belief Change Expert' who helps clients believe in their own potential and transform their dreams into fulfilling, inspired, and prosperous realities. Janet can help you get the rapid results you are looking for and live your aligned life.


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