C.A.L.L. to Action

Heeding the Call

Are you tuning in to the gentle whispers of the universe?

And if you do tune in to the whispers of your soul and your inner wisdom, you might also hear the call of transformation and evolution.

Just like the call of the butterfly lives deep within the caterpillar, the call of transformation lives deep within each one of us as well. Something is calling you right now. It’s an invitation, a beckoning to create, to evolve, to expand, to grow. It’s that beckoning to be more you!

Sometimes, however, we can get a bit freaked out, uncomfortable, or even upset and angry when we talk about (or think about) our “call.”

And that may be because we think there has to be some huge, big, gigantic thing we are supposed to do in the world, and we get intimidated by that. We might believe if we can’t figure it out, then we’re a failure. But maybe our call is to be present with others or to use our compassion to help give others hope. Maybe our call is simpler, quieter, and yet equally profound.

Or maybe we’re afraid that if we do figure out our call, we won’t be able to do it, so then we’d be a failure again. Do you see a pattern here? If you do figure out your “call” and you don’t think it’s big enough, you might consider yourself a failure. And if you do figure out your call, it might be too big and you might consider yourself a failure if you fall short.

When we listen and respond to our “call”, maybe it’s simply an invitation for transformation. What ideas or beliefs do you have that need to be transformed? How can you share your essential self with more intention and more heart? Whatever that is, it is enough.

In 2013, Ashton Kutcher was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show and spoke about a speech he gave at the Teen Choice Awards. He said, “I think that so much of what we see in the world today is this sort of propaganda machine around fame and around celebrity, and . . .there are kids that grow up today and think, ‘I want to be famous’ instead of, ‘When I grow up I want to do something, I want to build something, I want to create something.’” 

MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW CHOOSE TO ANSWER (and then the call goes straight to voicemail).

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.” That is answering the call.

I’ve come up with an acronym for the word “call” – Creatively Aligning with Love’s Leading. When we tune in and listen to what our inner wisdom is whispering to us, and then lean into that – we become the vessels through which creation unfolds. And in this cosmic dance, our very essence (our creativity, our purpose, our joy, our meditations, our words, our compassion) becomes integral to the universe’s expression. As a wise person once pointed out: “God could not create Antonio Stradivarius violins without Antonio.”

Quantum physicists tell us that the universe is ever expanding. In the same way, there is something within us that is ever expanding – a call, a pull to become a greater expression of you. You can’t deny it. It’s pulling you, pushing you, urging you, and eventually it will have its way with you. The creative urge is more powerful than any resistance, stronger than any hold back, more potent than any concern or feeling that you aren’t worthy. It loves you and It called you into being. 

As we pay attention to the subtle nudges and respond to the creative urge within, we answer the call. The Sufi Mystic poet, Rumi, beautifully captures this sentiment: "Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love." Saying yes to your call means allowing yourself to be drawn deeper into yourself and finding the love that resides there. And then showing up.

I encourage you to listen attentively to your call, to how you are being invited to creatively align with love's leaning. Spend some time in quiet reflection, being open to the guidance, inspiration, and support that surround you.      

Answering this particular call is one way to open your heart and mind to infinite possibilities!

Rock On

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