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Are You Asking Yourself the Right Questions?

2021.07.01 Ask

Are you asking yourself the right questions ? I wasn’t.

Have you ever been in a room full of people who were motivated, enthusiastic, fun, and supportive? How did that feel? Wonderful, right? And what happened when you got home? How long were you able to sustain those feelings? And if you weren’t able to sustain those feelings, did you feel like you were a failure? Did you feel like something was missing? Did you have more questions than answers? I’ve been in that situation many t…

I Found Buried Treasure

Treasure Chest1

Janet, you are so sensitive!

I used to hear that from my mom and when she said it, I just knew it was a bad thing. And so, like a good girl, I became less and less sensitive. Of course, I didn’t bother to ask what she meant by being sensitive. I thought she meant my feelings got hurt easily. I don’t remember if my feelings did get hurt easily or not. Maybe.

I do remember that I put my whole heart into my friendships and I wasn’t able to distinguish a real friend from someone who wanted infor…

Denying Your Strengths is NOT a Strength!

3a - Slide 5 Skills

For some of us, our strengths and talents seem hidden for our own view. Is that surprising to hear?

Why are so many of us blind to what is so innately natural for us? Well, that’s part of the issue – it comes so naturally that we don’t value it. Or we think that anyone can do it.

I’ve also found that our natural talents and strengths weren’t always embraced and supported when we were growing up. We may have been criticized and told to ‘fit in’ or ‘stop dreaming’ or ‘tow the line’ or ‘mind yo…

Is 2021 the Year You Discover Your Purpose?

Purpose Words

Having a sense of purpose is said to be associated with overall better physical and mental health.

Because of the importance of feeling worthwhile, many people do whatever they can to discover their life purpose or passions.
Personally, I took classes, seminars, read books, asked others, looked to astrology, scientific hand analysis, Human Design, and more. Even today, I continue to tweak my purpose – but that’s part of my personality. Overall, my purpose hasn’t changed much over the past 15 …

Welcome Home

Open Arms

I wonder if the ‘appearance of God’ is always a welcome sight.

Here’s the scene (Genesis 18:1 – 22:24):  Abraham just circumcised himself (ouch) and it’s really hot outside. I imagine he’s in a great deal of pain and discomfort. There’s no morphine drip or pain medication with codeine. And yet, he’s not lounging in bed or recovering inside his tent; he’s sitting at the entrance of his tent, outside and in the heat.
To make matters worse, suddenly three strangers show up. What does he do? He…

Living in the Moment

Flowers and Coffee

The times when I’m able to live in the moment, I experience a sense of peace, contentment, spaciousness, and freedom.

I love these feelings. Anything and everything is possible. I’m on purpose.  I experience joy and supreme self-acceptance (not to mention acceptance of others). I’m open to receive. I’m courageous and know that my life matters.
And even though I love these feelings, living in the moment seems to be a fleeting practice. I get distracted, worried, frustrated, discouraged, o…

Can You Find the Silver Lining?

Life is full of uncertainty.

Who could have anticipated 9 months ago that we’d be wearing masks every time we went out? Or that we simply couldn’t just walk into our favorite restaurant and have lunch with a group of our friends? Or that our normal way of greeting our friends (with hugs) would be frowned upon?
There will be times in your life when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet, whether it's sickness, losing your job, a major crisis, or even something called COVID-19. Have you …