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2020.11.20 Blog

This is an Inside Job

Let’s face it, I’m busy. How about you? 

I keep signing up for more and more classes (the ones I’m interested in, of course). I have a growing ‘to read’ list. I participate in two meditation groups and two coaching support groups. I facilitate the most-wonderful-and-awesome 'upliftment group', write blogs, create classes, work with clients, and work full-time. Whew!
So it can become really easy for me to buy into the lie that “I don’t have enough time.” And when that happens, I can come to ne…

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2022.07.28 Hand in Hand

Self-Trust and Self-Confidence go Hand-in-Hand

Have you ever broken a promise or a commitment you made to yourself?

Maybe you wanted to finish a course you purchased, or learn a new skill, or even spend some time on self-care. And then life kicked in. Someone needed you and you dropped everything and responded to their need. 

Perhaps your internal mind chatter (mind monkeys) convinced you that what you were trying to do wasn’t important, it was too hard, or it would take too long, and then you gave up on your commitment.

How about this …

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2022.04.07 Embrace Yourself

The First Step toward Self-Acceptance

The first words out of her mouth were, “I am so tired of playing little!” 

And this was coming from someone who had very recently quit her day job, moved to her dream town, and became a full-time investor! Those close to her were in awe of her commitment and courage as she made a bold move toward living her dream. 

But you see, once we get a little bit comfortable, we can hear the whisper of the next piece of our brilliance which tickles us and teases us toward an even bigger destination. 

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2022.01.13 Permission

Permission is Power

Sometimes clarity eludes us because we have blocks to our own brilliance and magnificence. Maybe what’s really blocking us is not lack of clarity but fear of our greatness. And this fear can get in the way of making decision or even taking action. 

This is where permission comes in.

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2021.11.04 Dream Big

Procrastination or Productivity?

In your world, which one is likely to come in first place, procrastination or productivity?

For so many of us, procrastination wins nearly every time. trophy Sure, there are times we can push through with effort and determination – and we even get that warm-fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. But we’re exhausted. We’ve used up our energy reserves. We want things to be easy.

Actually, we want things to be “easy and effortless.”

And yet, if things come too easily or too effortlessly, we don’t appreciate…

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80-20 Rule

What's Your 80/20 Rule?

Do you buy into the idea that doing less is being lazy?

It’s so easy to do. And recently I’ve been wondering if that’s one of the reasons I’m always busy. I don’t want to feel lazy and I don’t want to be judged as being lazy either (by myself or anyone else).

But here’s what happens when I’m busy ‘just to be busy.’ I often find that I’m out of balance. Or my self-care suffers. Or I don’t end up getting enough sleep. Or I’m not exactly enjoying life. Or I make excuses for why my priority proje…

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2021.07.01 Ask

Are You Asking Yourself the Right Questions?

Are you asking yourself the right questions ? I wasn’t.

Have you ever been in a room full of people who were motivated, enthusiastic, fun, and supportive? How did that feel? Wonderful, right? And what happened when you got home? How long were you able to sustain those feelings? And if you weren’t able to sustain those feelings, did you feel like you were a failure? Did you feel like something was missing? Did you have more questions than answers? I’ve been in that situation many times where eve…

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I Found Buried Treasure

Janet, you are so sensitive!

I used to hear that from my mom and when she said it, I just knew it was a bad thing. And so, like a good girl, I became less and less sensitive. Of course, I didn’t bother to ask what she meant by being sensitive. I thought she meant my feelings got hurt easily. I don’t remember if my feelings did get hurt easily or not. Maybe.

I do remember that I put my whole heart into my friendships and I wasn’t able to distinguish a real friend from someone who wanted informa…

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2021.02.18 Strengths

Denying Your Strengths is NOT a Strength!

For some of us, our strengths and talents seem hidden for our own view. Is that surprising to hear?

Why are so many of us blind to what is so innately natural for us? Well, that’s part of the issue – it comes so naturally that we don’t value it. Or we think that anyone can do it.

I’ve also found that our natural talents and strengths weren’t always embraced and supported when we were growing up. We may have been criticized and told to ‘fit in’ or ‘stop dreaming’ or ‘tow the line’ or ‘mind your…

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Discover Your Purpose Paint

Is This the Year You Discover Your Purpose?

Having a sense of purpose is said to be associated with overall better physical and mental health.

Because of the importance of feeling worthwhile, many people do whatever they can to discover their life purpose or passions.
Personally, I took classes, seminars, read books, asked others, looked to astrology, scientific hand analysis, Human Design, and more. Even today, I continue to tweak my purpose – but that’s part of my personality. Overall, my purpose hasn’t changed much over the past 15 ye…

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coffee and flowers

Welcome Home

I wonder if the ‘appearance of God’ is always a welcome sight.
Here’s the scene (Genesis 18:1 – 22:24):  Abraham just circumcised himself (ouch) and it’s really hot outside. I imagine he’s in a great deal of pain and discomfort. There’s no morphine drip or pain medication with codeine. And yet, he’s not lounging in bed or recovering inside his tent; he’s sitting at the entrance of his tent, outside and in the heat.
To make matters worse, suddenly three strangers show up. What does he do? He run…

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