How Long are you Willing to be on Hold?


We thought putting our dreams on hold was the answer. 

Bills needed to be paid and families needed our support. We were told we had to act like a grown-up and be responsible. We were told it was better to give than to receive and some of us were told our dreams were foolish and we learned to bury our desires, dreams, and passion.

And we began to make some false assumptions about ourselves and our lives. We assumed dreams (or following our purpose) were folly and we felt unworthy. These false assumptions may have grown over the years to include:

  • We are unworthy of a happy, productive life;
  • We are unworthy of being loved;
  • We are unworthy of receiving living the good life;
  • We are unworthy of experiencing peace and joy;
  • We are unworthy of having success and abundance;
  • We are unworthy of having supportive and successful relationships; and
  • We are unworthy of earning a living doing what we love

Does any of this sound familiar? 

We may feel unworthy, but it isn’t the truth about who we are. We feel unworthy because we feel “less than.” 

Let me ask some questions:  If you are broke, are you “less than?” If you live in a shack or are homeless, are you “less than?” If you failed at business, are you “less than?” If you are unemployed, are you “less than?” If your kids aren’t successful, are you “less than?” If you are in an abusive relationship, are you “less than?” If you have an addiction, are you “less than.” I don’t know what you silently answered to yourself, but I’m here to tell you the answer is NO. 

We are the ones who deem ourselves worthy or unworthy.  

Some of our ideas came from those who raised us who were dealing with their own issues of worthiness. And through the years, we have developed patterns of thinking and believing which have now become deeply ingrained within us. But it was NEVER the truth. It wasn’t the truth then and it isn’t the truth now. But our thinking and believing makes it true in our life.

The good news is that we can change those beliefs and feelings and the better news is that it only takes three simple steps:

Step 1:  Ask yourself:  Who am I?  What do you identify yourself with? Your successes or failures? Your beliefs or you as the believer? Your roles (mother, father, employee, son, daughter, friend) or the unique life that is yours? We need to begin to identify ourselves as the thinker, the believer, and the creator instead of identifying with our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and circumstances.

Step 2:  Choose the thoughts that support your new identity. Pay attention to thoughts which arise that are from your old paradigm, and then replace them with upgraded thoughts. So, if you are feeling “less than,” remember you are not your situation but simply the one experiencing the situation; if you are feeling uncomfortable, you are not the feeling, but the one experiencing the feeling.  

Step 3:  Surround yourself with a support system. Whenever we are changing our behaviors or thoughts, we need support and encouragement to maintain those new patterns until they take root and become ingrained into our subconscious. Join a Master Mind group, seek the support of a mentor, or engage like-minded friends and family members.

Remember, you are exactly as you are meant to be and you are a powerful creator. It is my deepest desire that you not only remember this, but you live from it as well. 

And when we live from that place, we know that life is joyful, we are completely worthy, our dreams can come true, we can discover our purpose, and our unlimited possibilities. 

Say yes to yourself by surrounding yourself with an empowering support system

Rock On

About Janet:

Hi, I’m Janet and I’m all about helping you to awaken to your value, wholeness, and connection to the divine. And I do this by teaching and guiding you back to the truth of who you are and who you came here to be. Left to our own devices, most of us don’t know how to begin or where to start. We can’t see beyond our blind spots. That’s where I come in.

With decades of coaching, teaching, and mentoring success, I bring my clients what they need to crush their excuses so they can amplify their impact, boost their self-confidence, connect with their calling, and live their aligned life.


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