Is This the Year You Discover Your Purpose?

Discover Your Purpose Paint

Why is purpose so important, anyway?

What's the big deal with purpose?

Having a sense of purpose is said to be associated with overall better physical and mental health.

Because of the importance of feeling worthwhile, many people do whatever they can to discover their life purpose or passions.
Personally, I took classes, seminars, read books, asked others, looked to astrology, scientific hand analysis, Human Design, and more. Even today, I continue to tweak my purpose – but that’s part of my personality. Overall, my purpose hasn’t changed much over the past 15 years. But just in case, I still like to keep my hand in the ‘what’s my purpose’ pot.
Fulfilling your purpose helps you feel motivated. Feeling like you are living the life you came here to live also enables you to be happier, healthier, and more content overall. There are easy ways to discover your life purpose without making it daunting or stressful. But remember, over a long life, your purpose – or mission – might evolve.

And here's a big secret: I believe we've been sold a big fat lie that our purpose is somewhere 'out there' and we have to chase it to find it. We've been told our purpose is elusive. We've bought into the 'fake news' that we have to make money doing our 'purpose.' 

No wonder we're confused and frustrated.
We need to change our perspective about purpose. I believe you can't fail in your purpose because YOU ARE YOUR PURPOSE!
Discovering your life purpose and living it doesn’t mean that you’ll never be disappointed, unhappy, or deal with difficult situations.
In fact, you may even deal with it more. For example, if your life purpose is to be a business owner, you’ll most likely have to work more than you ever have before. Just because fulfilling your purpose (or even looking for it) isn’t as perfect or relaxed as you thought it would be, keep at it. Maybe if you stop chasing, your purpose will simply reveal itself to you. 
Just because something isn't 'easy' and 'effortless' doesn't mean you are on the wrong path or that the universe is sending you a message to stop. Sometimes (often) the things we want the most take effort, commitment, discipline, and dedication.

What Do You Pride Yourself On?

In other words, are there things or qualities you aspire to be like and show to the world? Identify them and write them down.
Maybe every day you try your best to help someone because it makes you happy. Find jobs or activities that allow you to do this, such as nursing or volunteering at a food bank.
What Do You Daydream About?
Are there things you can’t stop thinking about while you are doing a job or task you hate? Even if it’s watching YouTube or Netflix, write them down anytime you think about them. My next-door neighbor watches DIY YouTube videos all the time. Her latest passion is learning how to build log cabins.
You never know what can transpire from what seems to be a “brainless” task. And when we’re open to daydreams, a scathingly brilliant idea might just pop in! There’s no reason to confine your purpose to what others think is good over what you think is awesome.
What Distracts You from Everyday Life Tasks?

Are there things you do endlessly that make you forget about easy everyday life tasks like eating or even going to the bathroom? Maybe you’re starving but can’t fathom taking a break just yet. Even if it seems silly to you, take the time to evaluate these tasks. Life purposes are not always obvious nor profound, and that’s okay. Don’t compare your life purpose with anyone else. Your purpose is uniquely suited to you!
As you try to figure out (or intuit) what your life purpose is, it helps to remember that you are living your life today – don’t stop. Sometimes stepping away and living for today makes finding your answers obvious. Change your scenery. Go to the library. Take a walk. Don’t force it.
Brainstorm with someone and let the ideas come easily. You might be surprised to find you've been living your purpose all along. 

I do have a 4-part eCourse you can try. I offer it as a "pay what you want" so you get to determine the value of the course. I call it Find your Purpose and Unleash your Passion and you can find out more information by clicking the button below. After all, I'm a certified Life Purpose Coach, so I have lots tools (I got certified back when I thought you had to chase your purpose...and believe me, I was chasing!). I invite you to check it out and see if it may be your next step on your journey. 

Say yes to yourself by living your purpose!

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Janet is a self-development revolutionary who helps women move beyond the negative voices in their head so they can unleash their purpose, unmask their self-confidence, and uncover possibilities that they have been blind to. Bottom line: she helps them to stop settling, start experiencing the magic of their dreams again, and live their aligned life.


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