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2021.12.23 Dreams

The Energy of Desire

If you can connect with the energy of a desire that is an expression of your soul, of your inner genius, of your inner brilliance, then you're not chasing something to MAKE you happy. Instead, you are choosing to experience something that is the fulfillment of your very nature‼️

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2021.11.18 Ask an Expert

You are the Expert on YOU

Isn’t it time you listened to your own wisdom?

Sometimes I actually read what I write bookeyeglasses. Well, I read it again! And after re-reading my blogs from last two weeks, I said to myself, “Self, I can’t believe you wrote that! What sort of mixed messages are you sending?”

Let me tell you why I was shocked and stupefied. My last blog said this: We get afraid when all we focus on is the outcome and the subtext is don’t focus on the outcome; instead focus on smaller steps.

And in my blog before that,…

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It's Time for Some Shedding

Autumn is here!

For many people this is their favorite time of year. The warm days of summer begin to cool and the landscape turns gorgeous shades of orange and red. I didn't get much autumn color change in the 10 years I lived in Sedona, but here in the inland northwest, I'm treated to a symphony of color daily. And as I drive the familiar streets regularly, I take notice how the orange and red hues get deeper and darker each day. 

For me, autumn brings other things to mind as well. As the se…

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2021.06.03 Life Without Guilt and Shame

Life Without Guilt or Shame

I love getting emails in response to my blogs (yes, yes…it seems like I’m still looking for that external validation!). One person recently emailed me and beautifully clarified what I mean when I talk about self-care: self-care is all about self-love, self-respect, self-value, self-worth, self-compassion, and honoring who you really are!

+1 Yes! +1

And that’s my entire message and my work in the world. It’s my honor, privilege (and secret sauce) to help you reconnect and remember the amazing, awes…

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2021.05.27 Having Your Cake

3 Ideas for Putting Yourself First

You know how it is.

When you have something on your mind or are really focused, then things that align with what you’re thinking show up. All.The.Time. (Gee, could there be something about the Law of Attraction in this experience?)

This month I’ve been focusing on self-care and putting yourself first. So, I’ve been writing blogs, creating a new 5-day mini eCourse (email), putting together a new Self-Care Daily Planner freebie, and I plan on having a short masterclass next month. That’s been th…

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2021.05.20 Self-Care Not Selfish

Self-Care is Not Selfish

It seems to me that ‘self-care’ is an emotionally charged concept or buzzword.

It’s only two simple 4-letter words: self and care. Yet those two words conjure up images and emotions just by reading them (or thinking about them.) And there’s even something called ‘radical self-care.’

I’ll admit that when I first heard the term ‘self-care’ I was turned off by it. Who had time for that? Not me! I was visualizing only self-indulgent activities like bubble baths, spa days, and massages. bath

And then…

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2021.05.13 Putting Your Needs First

Reasons to Put Yourself First

The idea of putting myself first was about as appealing as getting a root canal.

My internal mind chatter told me it was selfish. I was worried about how other people would react if I changed my ways and started saying no or enforced some personal boundaries. I wondered if people wouldn’t like me anymore. Or if they’d get angry (and of course, I avoided conflict at all costs!).

So with all of this fear, worry, and negative self-talk going on, it took me quite a while to even take that first s…

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2021.05.06 Say Yuck to Staying Stuck

Why We Put Ourselves Last

I don’t want my life to be on hold, do you?

My life used to be on hold. I happily (or so I thought) put my own dreams and desires on hold and adopted the dreams, desires, and goals of my husband. And society. I didn’t question what success and happiness was for me. I just assumed it was about money, career, possessions, and snazzy vacations. After all, who didn’t want to live that ‘American Dream?’

And when living the American Dream left me empty, unfulfilled, and discontent, I assumed I neede…

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