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Amethyst Geode

Beware of the Monsters

I love it when people share their stories. I love it when I can relate to people.

A couple of years ago, my coach at the time shared a very impactful story for me. It was impactful because I was reminded that often we (I?) tend to judge others by what they show on the ‘outside’ (financial success, self-confidence, a huge coaching business, expensive travel, Instagram followers, etc.) and we forget that we all have internal struggles.

So, even though this coach makes multi-millions of dollar…

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2021.07.22 Action

Picasso's Foundational Key to Success

Have you ever tricked yourself into thinking you were taking action when you weren’t?

Maybe you’re doing more research? Maybe you’re taking just one more course? Maybe you’re busy thinking about the right action to take? Maybe you’re staying open to listening to your inner wisdom so you’ll know what your next inspired step is?

I know I’ve fooled myself into thinking I was taking action when I was actually avoiding making a decision. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to say that ‘taking action’…

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2021.07.08 Bounce Back

Bounce Back to a Better Normal

Can you feel it?

I can feel the excitement, anticipation, and expectation as we head into July 2021. After 15 months of social distancing, masking, and staying safe in our home cocoons, things are opening up.

I have friends who are flying to visit family and friends. My season tickets to my local minor league baseball team have been activated. I’m attending several concerts this summer. We are bouncing back and ready to resume and embrace life as it was prior to COVID-19.

And I also have some…

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2021.06.10 Come Out of Hiding

The Downside of Hiding Your Feelings

I used to be a master at hiding my feelings. How about you?

Of course I’m referring those feelings that society tells us are negative or bad: anger, resentment, jealousy, pride, shame, guilt, selfishness, and sadness.

I also hid any feelings that revealed my sensitive nature because I was taught that those feelings showed weakness and vulnerability.

The problem with hiding those feelings was that ALL of my feelings got diminished as well, even joy, exhilaration, excitement, appreciation, grat…

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