2022.04.07 Embrace Yourself

The First Step toward Self-Acceptance

The first words out of her mouth were, “I am so tired of playing little!” 

And this was coming from someone who had very recently quit her day job, moved to her dream town, and became a full-time investor! Those close to her were in awe of her commitment and courage as she made a bold move toward living her dream. 

But you see, once we get a little bit comfortable, we can hear the whisper of the next piece of our brilliance which tickles us and teases us toward an even bigger destination. 

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2022.01.13 Permission

Permission is Power

Sometimes clarity eludes us because we have blocks to our own brilliance and magnificence. Maybe what’s really blocking us is not lack of clarity but fear of our greatness. And this fear can get in the way of making decision or even taking action. 

This is where permission comes in.

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2021.11.04 Dream Big

Procrastination or Productivity?

In your world, which one is likely to come in first place, procrastination or productivity?

For so many of us, procrastination wins nearly every time. trophy Sure, there are times we can push through with effort and determination – and we even get that warm-fuzzy feeling of satisfaction. But we’re exhausted. We’ve used up our energy reserves. We want things to be easy.

Actually, we want things to be “easy and effortless.”

And yet, if things come too easily or too effortlessly, we don’t appreciate…

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80-20 Rule

What's Your 80/20 Rule?

Do you buy into the idea that doing less is being lazy?

It’s so easy to do. And recently I’ve been wondering if that’s one of the reasons I’m always busy. I don’t want to feel lazy and I don’t want to be judged as being lazy either (by myself or anyone else).

But here’s what happens when I’m busy ‘just to be busy.’ I often find that I’m out of balance. Or my self-care suffers. Or I don’t end up getting enough sleep. Or I’m not exactly enjoying life. Or I make excuses for why my priority proje…

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coffee and flowers

Welcome Home

I wonder if the ‘appearance of God’ is always a welcome sight.
Here’s the scene (Genesis 18:1 – 22:24):  Abraham just circumcised himself (ouch) and it’s really hot outside. I imagine he’s in a great deal of pain and discomfort. There’s no morphine drip or pain medication with codeine. And yet, he’s not lounging in bed or recovering inside his tent; he’s sitting at the entrance of his tent, outside and in the heat.
To make matters worse, suddenly three strangers show up. What does he do? He run…

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