Pearls of Prosperity Program

52 weeks of affirmations, quotes, reflection activities, strategies, ideas, and live calls to assist you in letting go of struggle and worry and experience a life of flow and ease...a life of prosperous living! 14 days free and then $24/month.

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Mystic's Playhouse

A sanctuary for women seeking to unlock their inner potential and connect with the profound depths of their spirituality. Embark on your mystical journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual enlightenment. $12/mo

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COURSES AND BUNDLES (some are "pay what you want")

5 Days to Trigger-Proof Your Life

 From overwhelmed to energized.   


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5 Days to Finding Fulfillment in Life

 It's time to go from dissatisfied to gratified.


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Find Your Purpose & Unleash Your Passion

Do what you came here to do!

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Unshakable Happiness

Embrace the power of contentment

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Discover Your Purpose

My flagship course. A 4-week online journey.

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You are Worth It Bundle

It's time to claim your value and worth

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