Mini Courses

$27 - $47

5 Days to Trigger-Proof Your Life

In this 5-day mini course, you'll discover the everyday triggers that drain your energy and create a feeling of overwhelm. Once you discover them, you'll also create a plan to address these and eliminate them one-by-one to help you go from overwhelmed to energized.   

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5 Days to Finding Fulfillment in Life

If you don't feel fulfilled or if you're frustrated or dissatisfied, it's likely because one (or more) of your personal needs isn't being met. We confuse having needs with being needy (and nobody wants to be needy) so we deny and squash our needs. It's time to go from dissatisfied to gratified.

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Find Your Purpose & Unleash Your Passion

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re here or what you’re meant to do? Living a life of purpose means using your natural talents, following your interests, and living in alignment with 'who you truly are'. In other words, you are doing what came here to do!

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Online Courses and Bundles

Discover Your Purpose  4-week course

Have you ever wondered what you are supposed to be doing with your life? You know you're meant for more but not sure what it is?

This is a step-by-step online course that guides you through various aspects of yourself and your life that helps you discover (and uncover) your greater purpose for your life. Discover your life purpose in just 30 days!

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Self-worth is all about how you value, appreciate, and love yourself. It influences almost every single part of your life.

It's often misunderstood because it's commonly confused with self-confidence, arrogance, or even with being pompous. Is it any wonder why so many of us struggle with claiming our value and worth?

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