Living in the Moment

The times when I’m able to live in the moment, I experience a sense of peace, contentment, spaciousness, and freedom.

I love these feelings. Anything and everything is possible. I’m on purpose. I experience joy and supreme self-acceptance (not to mention acceptance of others). I’m open to receive. I’m courageous and know that my life matters.
And even though I love these feelings, living in the moment seems to be a fleeting practice. I get distracted, worried, frustrated, discouraged, or st…

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2020.10.23 Silver Lining

Can You Find the Silver Lining?

Life is full of uncertainty.

Who could have anticipated that in March 2020 we’d be wearing masks every time we went out? Or that we simply couldn’t just walk into our favorite restaurant and have lunch with a group of our friends? Or that our normal way of greeting our friends (with hugs) would be frowned upon?
There will be times in your life when the rug gets pulled out from under your feet, whether it's sickness, losing your job, a major crisis, or even something called COVID-19. Have you …

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2022.04.07 Embrace Yourself

The First Step toward Self-Acceptance

The first words out of her mouth were, “I am so tired of playing little!” 

And this was coming from someone who had very recently quit her day job, moved to her dream town, and became a full-time investor! Those close to her were in awe of her commitment and courage as she made a bold move toward living her dream. 

But you see, once we get a little bit comfortable, we can hear the whisper of the next piece of our brilliance which tickles us and teases us toward an even bigger destination. 

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2022.03.31 Choice

What are you Choosing?

Are you one of those people who wait for a Monday to start something new? 

Do you wait to set goals until the beginning of the month or the New Year? Are you even good at starting things? How about finishing what you start?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait for a date on the calendar before I set something new in motion. We get excited when we start something new. We begin to think about new possibilities, new ways of living, expanded opportunities, waking up every day with a …

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2022.03.24 Real and Honest

The First Step to Change

Change is in the air.  Can you sense it?  Spring has sprung!

And only 15 days to the start of Minor League Baseball here in Spokane!

Change is in the air with me as well. What I used to tolerate so easily, is now bringing me to a state of restlessness. My old excuses are not as comforting as they used to be. I often feel I am in limbo between what was and what is yet to be. 

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, or maybe it’s that I’m getting wiser, but the questions I ask myself now cause …

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2022.03.17 Imperfection

Embracing Your Imperfections

Do you strive for perfection?

Do you wait to take action until you’re assured that all of your ‘ducks are in a row’ and everything is perfect? That used to be me.

In those days, my sense of self-worth came from what other people thought of me. So, I was very careful to always ‘appear’ to be perfect. I didn’t speak up unless I knew I had the correct answer. And I rarely asked questions, because I didn’t want anyone else to think I didn’t know things.

I even had a gold necklace that I wore th…

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2022.03.10 Limit Negativity

Practical Steps to Limit Negative Self-Talk

Negativity Bias. Have you heard that phrase?

I don’t know about you, but I like to think that I’ve evolved quite a bit from my cro-magnon ancestors. I understand that they had to pay attention to dangerous and negative threats. For them, it was literally a matter of life and death. They were on high alert for any negative stimuli.

And yet, 25,000 years later, as humans, we still tend to

  • Remember traumatic experiences better than positive ones
  • Recall insults better than praise
  • Think abou…

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2022.03.03 Comparison

Maybe it's Okay to Focus Backwards

Comparison is a dream killer.

Not only that, but comparison is a thief of joy and steals momentum.

So often, we think we need to be an expert before we get started. We think we need a lot of experience before we get started. We look around at others who are following their dream, making an impact, or living fully and when we compare ourselves with them, we may feel diminished, frustrated, and lacking confidence.

And it’s hard to find your joy, to get started, or to live your aligned life wh…

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2022.02.24 Bad News

Why is it so Hard to be Positive?

Are we hard-wired for negativity?

Dr. Joe Dispenza writes in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, “Most of us live in the past and resist living in a new future. Why? The body is so habituated to memorizing the chemical records of our past experiences that it grows attached to these emotions. In a very real sense, we become addicted to those familiar feelings. So when we want to look to the future and dream of new vistas and bold landscapes in our not-too-distant reality, the body, whose cur…

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2022.02.17 Lice

What I Learned from Lice

When my daughter was in the first grade, there was an outbreak of lice.

Sure enough, she brought them home with her (and we didn’t need any more pets!).

When my husband and I researched options and local treatment centers, there were two schools of thought: one said we needed to follow extensive home cleaning instructions and the other said we didn't need to do any of that once our daughter had been treated.

One center told us we had to wash her sheets, hats, clothes, and coats; the other c…

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Don't Take Anything Personally?

Are you kidding me? Don’t take anything personally?

'Don't take anything personally' is the second agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic, “The Four Agreements.” It means that whatever happens around you has nothing to do with you. All people are reacting to their own ideas, beliefs, and perceptions and their actions and reactions say more about them then about you. So, hey, no need to get your feelings hurt or get offended or have any sort of emotion - - don’t take it personally. It’s not ab…

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2022.02.02 My Stand

Spiritual Bypassing is not the Answer

There was a time when I thought I had to be perfect!

And for me, part of being perfect was pretending that I wasn’t ever angry, envious, judgmental. I was afraid to look at my negative thoughts and beliefs because I didn’t want to manifest negative or dark things in my life. After all, how could I be perfect if my outside life was negative or dark? Not only that, but how could I teach, mentor, or guide congregants or clients when I was right where they were?

So, I avoided my negative thought…

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2022.01.26 Play Big

What it Means to Play Big

When you say or when I say “I’m ready to play big” does that mean we want to start living unapologetically? Does it mean we want to acknowledge and appreciate our gifts and talents and ideas without worrying that other women will think we’re ‘full of ourselves?’ Does it mean that we’re ready to show up authentically without keeping our opinions, dreams, and desires a secret?

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Needs vs Desires

We all want things.

But our wants can be categorized in two different ways: needs and desires. With some things, it’s super-easy to determine if our want is a desire or a need. However, with other things, it’s harder to figure out. Or, are needs and desires the same thing? Let’s find out.


Desires are items that you lust after or that you ‘think’ you need. They are the things that you don’t need to survive, but instead just really enjoy having. Desires can be physical things like the i…

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2022.01.13 Permission

Permission is Power

Sometimes clarity eludes us because we have blocks to our own brilliance and magnificence. Maybe what’s really blocking us is not lack of clarity but fear of our greatness. And this fear can get in the way of making decision or even taking action. 

This is where permission comes in.

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Is there Such a Thing as Dream Shaming?

Don’t judge your dreams and goals by what others think. And don’t compare your dreams and goals with anyone else’s either. Neither one is healthy nor smart. Your dreams are unique to you and they’re perfectly suited to you as well. Don’t allow your tendency to compare and judge take you away from the joy of dreaming or the magic of becoming who you are meant to be.

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2021.12.23 Dreams

The Energy of Desire

If you can connect with the energy of a desire that is an expression of your soul, of your inner genius, of your inner brilliance, then you're not chasing something to MAKE you happy. Instead, you are choosing to experience something that is the fulfillment of your very nature‼️

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2021.12.16 New Habits

How to Manifest Your Desires, Part 2

It's not wise to minimize the power of small steps

Last week I wrote about a common challenge it seems that most of us have when we want to move forward in the direction of our dreams. I’m paraphrasing by saying we tend to ‘bite off more than we can chew’ and then we end up having to spit out what we bit off!

In other words, we may try to do everything at once. We see the big picture and we get excited and we go-go-go, but eventually our motivation wanes and we go back to our old habits.


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Stop Arguing for Your Limitations

We all have blind spots in the way we think, believe, and perceive. Our blind spots can be comfortable (and we love our comfort zone), but they can also block our forward momentum in living the rich, fulfilling, prosperous, successful, joy-filled, purpose-filled, vibrant life that is meant for us.

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2021.11.18 Ask an Expert

You are the Expert on YOU

Isn’t it time you listened to your own wisdom?

Sometimes I actually read what I write bookeyeglasses. Well, I read it again! And after re-reading my blogs from last two weeks, I said to myself, “Self, I can’t believe you wrote that! What sort of mixed messages are you sending?”

Let me tell you why I was shocked and stupefied. My last blog said this: We get afraid when all we focus on is the outcome and the subtext is don’t focus on the outcome; instead focus on smaller steps.

And in my blog before that,…

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