What I Learned from Lice

2022.02.17 Lice

When my daughter was in the first grade, there was an outbreak of lice.

Sure enough, she brought them home with her (and we didn’t need any more pets!).

When my husband and I researched options and local treatment centers, there were two schools of thought: one said we needed to follow extensive home cleaning instructions and the other said we didn't need to do any of that once our daughter had been treated.

One center told us we had to wash her sheets, hats, clothes, and coats; the other center told us we didn't need to do any of that.

Not only that, but both treatment centers cited scientific evidence to support their own particular manner of treating lice. They each had proof that was contradictory to each other. Which one was right? Or should we just go down to our local store and buy a bottle of Nix?

Clearly, one had to be right and the other wrong - - right? But which one?

I don’t know the answer to that question because ultimately, we followed our intuition and everything worked out fine. 

So, what did I learn from lice?

There are a lot of 'truths' out there and just because someone says it is based on scientific research, it doesn't mean it will be the 'truth' in my reality. Quantum physics tells us that just the act of observing something, changes it. And whatever meaning I give to that 'something' can change it toward my meaning. 

Two people can look at the same thing and come to different conclusions. Two people can look at the same thing and interpret it differently. Research shows that even 'scientific' research results are influenced by the expectations and perceptions of the scientists. 

For me, that means I need to rely on my own inner genius and brilliance. I need to tap into my intuition and inner knowing and not blindly follow all the 'truths' out there - especially when there are so many contradictory propositions. 

I need to follow my own rules. I need to listen to my own wisdom. How about you?

I have allowed my own inner genius to be silenced while I have followed the advice, suggestions, and rules of others. I have allowed my own Monkey Mind to keep me confused, and therefore stuck, as I tried to process the contradictory ideas I was getting from various experts.

I am the expert on me. You are the expert on you. Claim your expertise! 

Say yes to yourself and listen to your own wisdom

Rock On

P.S. Ultimately, we used the Nix from the local drug store and it worked out just fine. My husband was a champ at using that teeny-tiny comb on my daughter’s hair.

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Women hire Janet to design a life of meaning, fulfillment, and passion because most struggle with putting everyone else first, playing small, and feeling like a fraud. She helps them crush their excuses so they can move beyond the negative voices in their head and unleash their purpose, unmask their self-confidence, and uncover possibilities that they have been blind to.

Bottom line: You need to say “YES” to yourself to live the aligned life you were meant to live.


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