Self-Discovery through Honesty

Self-Discovery through Honesty

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the hidden sparks of intention I send your way through my blogs? Can you sense my intention that a transformation, an awakening, an opening, or even a healing is possible just by reading my blogs?

Nah, I didn’t think so. But that’s okay. Maybe now that you know, it’ll add a sprinkle of magic to the way you read my blogs. 

Today, I’d like to suggest transformation through getting honest with yourself. The level of honesty I’m talking about is between you and yourself. It requires you to step back and look at your beliefs and behaviors at the operational level. Not what you think you believe or say you believe but what you really believe. Not what you contemplate or talk about doing but you are really doing. It’s taking an honest look at how you are actually showing up and living your life. This level of honesty and awareness is the first step in healing and transformation.

I get it. Honest self-reflection can be scary. I’ve said many times, the spiritual journey, and the road back to your true self, isn’t for the faint-hearted. And the sort of self-honesty I’m proposing doesn’t involve blame, shame, regret, or remorse. I think we’re often reluctant to look deep because we’re afraid of what we’ll see. We’re afraid we’ll get stuck in self-recrimination and self-loathing. We’ll see all the times we’ve tried and failed. We’ll see the millions of times we didn’t keep the promises we made to ourselves. We think our negative self-talk will be running this honest assessment.

But don’t be lured into that trap. Your monkey mind will never give you an honest assessment. It’s the “mean girl” in your head and thrives on chaos and self-inflicted suffering.

Getting honest narrows the gap between what you profess and what you express. You see, by not being honest with yourself, you’re ensuring you get more of what you already have - in all areas of your life: relationships, health, wealth, peace and joy.

Spend some time getting honest about the areas you frequently think, talk and act in terms of not enough.  Then pick any area and start to retrain yourself. Get honest on how much you are really ready to receive. Do you have a deep belief that you have to work hard for your money? If yes, then do you really think you’ll win the lottery which doesn’t take hard work at all? It's time to start deeply believing in an abundant and flowing universe. 

What if change and transformation hasn’t happened simply because you haven’t taken the time to really get honest and identify your deep beliefs? Have you asked yourself what the payoff is for staying the same? We all love our comfort zone, maybe that’s reason enough. Maybe you’re afraid of making someone angry if you change. Maybe you fear the new unknown. Maybe you’re worried people won’t understand you. These are good, and honest, questions to ask yourself.

You are creating your life by what you believe and the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks on your path didn’t just fall from the sky. They arrived via the doorway of your core beliefs. Now, this is not about beating yourself up. It’s about getting honest and setting the intention to start to uproot those limiting beliefs. Whether you need to trade them in for new beliefs or upgrade them to a higher level, it starts with getting honest.

We must look at ourselves with our own eyes!photo-1609114215005-d2a87febd22b

And don’t forget to throw in some gratitude into the “getting honest” process. As we begin the process of getting honest with ourselves, we can focus on our shortcomings, or we can focus on gratitude and growth. Everything is a matter of perception. So, it’s important to approach yourself with a sense of openness and awe.

Approach yourself as if you’re the most magnificent, wondrous, and awesome being you’ve ever encountered (but one who simply forgot and is now getting back on track).

Wouldn’t it be magical if you found that magnificent, amazing, awesome, bold, brilliant, and beautiful person right underneath the false beliefs you’ve been holding on to? So, it’s time to get honest and find what lies beneath those false beliefs to reveal the essential you. I think you’ll be amazed.

Rock On

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Bottom line: You need to say “YES” to yourself to live the aligned life that is calling. 


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