What if it DOES Work?


What if this doesn’t work?

Have you ever had an idea that got you excited? Have you wanted to combine your passion with your talent and take it to the world in some way? Maybe you plan and research; maybe you talk to your friends; maybe you even come up with a really cool name. And then it happens. The question: What if it doesn’t work? Somehow we forget to ask, “What if it DOES work?”

And let’s be honest for a minute. What if it doesn’t work? So what? It’s not the end of the world. But our rabid self talk will let us think it is absolutely the end of the world. We would be hard-pressed to find anyone who started something that worked every time.

We’ve all started relationships and seen them fail. We’ve been gung ho about a hobby only to let it go after years (or sometimes less). We’ve started new jobs, new hobbies, and new ways of eating. And sometimes we’ve stopped.

Did we stop because it didn’t work or because we didn’t have confidence? Did we stop because it didn’t work or because we lost interest? Did we stop because it didn’t work or because we found something else we liked better?

We get afraid when all we focus on is the outcome.

We get stuck in either/or thinking. Either I’m a millionaire or I’m not successful. Either I have a thriving business or I’m not successful. Either I’m a best-selling author or I’m not successful. Either I lose all the weight I need to or I’m not successful. Feel free to replace ‘I’m not successful’ with ‘I’m a failure’ or ‘I’m a loser’ (or your own personal favorite).

You're not worthwhile because you have fulfilled your dreams. You're worthwhile because you exist. You're not enough because you have a good job. You're enough even if you haven't worked in thirteen years. You're not enough because you are loved by many people. You're enough even if nobody knows your name. You're not enough because your financial portfolio is enviable. You're enough even if you're dead broke. And becoming more successful doesn't make you enough, either. It only changes your experience. It doesn't change you. ~ Dr. David Walker

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: I’m good at starting things.

I’ve started two churches, a Brownie Girl Scout Troop, three LLC businesses, a C-Corporation, a coaching business, and a real estate investing business. And I’ve fallen prey to the either/or mentality. Either these businesses and ideas succeeded or there was something wrong with me.

When I focused only on the outcome, all I saw were my flaws. I only saw all the ways I wasn’t good enough. I saw the ways my ideas failed to take hold. I saw all of my time and energy wasted on pipe dreams.

I never saw that I was a visionary. I never saw my confidence, strength, or courage.

Where do you need help spotting your gifts, strengths, and courage?                                                                                                                                  

Here are a couple of fun tips you can start this week (aka call to action):

  • Keep a journal of small actions (yes, small) you can take daily and track when completed.
    • Example 1: “Today, I’m going to listen to a TED Talk that inspires me.” When you complete it, come back to your journal, and write “Success.”
    • Example 2: “Today, I’m going to compliment three people” and when you complete it, come back to your journal, and write, “Success.”
  • For extra credit, list the activities in your journal that you started but didn’t turn out so well that you might still be telling negative stories about. Behind each of these, list what awesome quality was needed for you to even begin (confidence, courage, faith, compassion, trust, vision, etc.)

When you review your journal, all you see are the various ways that you are a success.

 Say “YES” to yourself by recognizing the success that you are!

Rock On

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