When Things Don't go According to Plan

2021.09.23 Mt. Moran

I enjoy road trips.

There’s something magical about seeing the landscape close up as I whiz by on the highways. Some landscapes are desolate, dry, and lonely and others are lush, vibrant, and teeming with life. I’m intrigued by the small towns and often wonder what brought people to these remote and out-of-the-way places.

This is a great segue for me to compare these external landscapes to our internal landscapes, right? And how sometimes we feel desolate and lonely and other times we are vibrant and lively.

But no….

Last week I went on a road trip with my daughter to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Our first stop was Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. I had heard from several people how amazing the views were and that it was their favorite National Park. I was anticipating being overwhelmed by the majesty, the beauty, and the enormity of the mountain range.

But no….

Everything was covered in a smoky haze. They said the fires from California, Oregon, and Montana had been in the area for at least a month. We drove to the Signal Mountain Summit overlook and I felt like I was smothered in smog. No need for a photo here. No breathtaking view either. We did stop for a photo of Mt. Moran at a viewing site and in the split photo above, the top photo is what I experienced on my trip and the bottom photo is from the internet.

Things were definitely not going according to plan!! And I found myself irritated, annoyed, and disappointed (has this ever happened to you?). And I knew I needed to change my point of view and open myself up to some different possibilities (and the sooner, the better). I also thought about how this could be an opportunity to pivot, to release expectations, and to teach. Hence this blog.

My biggest challenge was to let go of my expectations. This was the Grand Tetons, after all. I drove over 8 hours to see these mountains!!! For this, I decided to use my imagination. I could see the mountains through a hazy, smoky filter and I imagined what they would look like through a clear lens (it wasn’t easy).

And since my focus on distant things, like the Snake River and the mountain range, wasn’t clear, I decided to switch my focus on the closer things (that weren't hazy due to smoke).

First of all, I was having some time away with my daughter and that’s something to be cherished and appreciated. On our hike around Jenny Lake, we saw butterflies, chipmunks, squirrels, and vegetation that was beginning to unleash its autumn colors. It was beautiful beyond description. Everyone on the Jenny Lake trail was friendly and I felt part of a community of hikers.

I had initially planned for this road trip to be jam-packed with activities (go-go-go and do-do-do), but it turned out to be the perfect balance of activity, relaxation, shopping, and connection. We even went to see a play (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) and we met a couple from Cottonwood, AZ!

In life, sometimes our goals or dreams are not especially clear. Or maybe they get covered over in doubt, fear, or mental fog. Then they may appear lackluster and they don’t hold the appeal they once did. If this happens, we may get irritated, annoyed, and disappointed. We might want to give up on our dreams. We make excuses or pretend we didn’t really want them in the first place. Maybe we even want to quit.

But no….

Maybe this is your timely reminder that you need to change your focus. What’s right in front of you? What can you do now that’ll help get your joy juices flowing again? What’s in your life now that you can be grateful for? Who is in your life that you appreciate? What is your inner wisdom telling you and are you allowing yourself to hear it?

Are your expectations getting in the way of enjoying the moment? (and by expectations, I mean that you have determined the ‘how’ things need to be in order for you to be happy). Are your goals or dreams tied into old beliefs or someone else’s idea of what you should be doing? Are you feeling the nudge to live more in alignment with who you are and create new goals and dreams based on that?

And what if feeling annoyed, irritated, or dissatisfied is your soul calling you to surrender to life and your greater good in a new (and different) way? Just wondering….

Say YES to yourself by being willing to change your focus (and live your aligned life).

Rock On

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Janet is an effective 'Belief Change Expert' who helps clients go from Overwhelm to Overjoyed, from Confusion to Clarity, and from Surviving to Thriving. Whether you want to grow your business or grow your self-esteem, Janet helps people believe in their own potential and transform their dreams into fulfilling, inspired, and prosperous realities. Janet can help you get the rapid results you are looking for and help you live your aligned life!


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