Good Enough, Competent, or Awesome?

If I said to you, “you didn’t come here to be good enough, or competent, or mediocre - - you came here to be AWESOME,” would you believe me?

Sometimes we get caught up with what other people think we should do or how other people think we should behave that we bury our own essence to play by someone else’s rules. This is a losing (not to mention soul-sucking) proposition for us.

There is something that lights you up. There is something that turns you on. There is something that is meant just for you. You can call it your ‘secret sauce’ or your ‘super power’ or your ‘joy juice’ but whatever you call it, it’s imperative you do MORE of it.

In my life, I was ‘too loud’ or ‘too boisterous’ and I needed to tone things down. I wasn’t supposed to be a show off and I had to keep my ideas to myself and act like a lady. No wonder I swallowed my voice and felt like I needed to be a shrinking violet. Maybe my love of ‘bling’ is my quiet way of being loud and boisterous.

Looking back, my boisterousness was actually enthusiasm, joie de vivre, spiritedness, and animation. I asked questions that forced others to defend their position (when I was just being curious because I wanted to understand things). And sometimes I asked the questions out loud that everyone else was silently asking but had the ‘good manners’ not to ask. That went over like a lead balloon!!

My ‘awesome’ is bold and brazen; my ‘awesome’ is curiosity; my ‘awesome’ is thinking outside the box and being innovative; my ‘awesome’ is being a trailblazer; my ‘awesome’ is making a decision and acting quickly; my ‘awesome’ is being willing to question everything and see the big picture; my ‘awesome’ is awakening the spirit in others. But I had buried my ‘awesome’ for too long in the name of being ‘good’ – and lost myself in the process. And that’s not living an aligned life!

Sometimes we get really good at playing a role. We get good at living within the box that others made for us.

What is your awesome? Please let me know by commenting below. I want to celebrate your awesome.

Just because you are ‘good’ at something, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your ‘awesome’ or that you want to do it all the time. We’re ‘good’ at a lot of things; we’re competent at a lot of things. But these don’t necessarily bring us joy.

It’s important to discover your joy and to discover what turns you on. It’s important because it impacts your self-value, your self-worth, and your self-esteem. When you are living out what other people think you should be doing or how other people think you should be living, you’re not going to find true fulfillment.

Find your passion and do it more. Discover your ‘joy juice’ and serve it up to everyone. Pour your ‘secret sauce’ on everything you do. Because you didn’t come here to be good enough, you came here to be outrageous, and bold, and bodacious, and amazingly awesome.

Rock On

Say YES to yourself by being boldly you!

About Janet

Janet is a transformational coach who helps women move beyond the negative voices in their head so they can unleash their purpose, unmask their self-confidence, and uncover possibilities that they have been blind to. Bottom line: she helps them to stop settling, start soaring, and experience the magic of their dreams again. In other words, they live their aligned life!



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