Picasso's Foundational Key to Success

2021.07.22 Action

Have you ever tricked yourself into thinking you were taking action when you weren’t?

Maybe you’re doing more research? Maybe you’re taking just one more course? Maybe you’re busy thinking about the right action to take? Maybe you’re staying open to listening to your inner wisdom so you’ll know what your next inspired step is?

I know I’ve fooled myself into thinking I was taking action when I was actually avoiding making a decision. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to say that ‘taking action’ could very well be internal action and doesn’t necessarily need to be external action.

But if your action is ‘expanding my abundance consciousness’ for example, what exactly are you doing? Are you journaling? Are you meditating? Are you watching some videos? Are you reading books and taking notes? How long are you doing these things? And when will you know your consciousness expanded? Or does it just sound good?

I speak from experience here!!

Change your thinking, change your life. In my last blog, I focused on becoming aware of our current ideas and habitual patterns of thinking. Awareness allows us to identify where we are so we can take directed action and make different choices regarding our tendencies of thought. This new action will lead us toward where we want to be. Yay!

You may be wondering what action to take. Of course, you want to take action that will give you positive results and not waste your time. If you worked with my Mindset Mastery Made Simple Guidebook and Scorecard and completed it every day, that is action which leads to awareness.

So, maybe you’ve identified your major thought patterns you want to reverse or change.  The next step many of us take is research. Did you look up articles online? Did you subscribe to newsletters? Did you sign up to take free video courses or free masterclasses or free teleconferences? Did you check out library books or download books to your eReader? 

We seem to want to amass as much knowledge as we can. We think if we learn enough, we’ll know exactly what to do. We are busy learning but are not taking any positive steps which lead to the change we want to experience. We may get frustrated by the various articles, experts, and gurus – each with their own spin on the same information.

And it all sounds good. And we want it. And we read. And we learn. And we stay stuck. 

Yes, we fool ourselves into thinking we are taking important action. If we just know a little bit more, then we’ll be ready to soar into our greatness. Any learning that is separate from doing the activities needed is a waste of time. We get stuck into the pattern of wanting our next step to be perfect. Let’s begin to operate from a platform of excellence (instead of perfection) and implement small changes (which can lead to big results).

According to Pablo Picasso, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Are you ready? Good.

Since we are changing our thought patterns, our limiting ideas, or our faulty beliefs, most of our initial work is also going to be done within our own minds. And we already have all of the knowledge and expertise we need. Remember, any of the knowledge-seeking is simply a form of resistance. Laugh at yourself and let it go. Now…..since you’ve identified a belief that you’d like to change since it is keeping you stuck - -

  1. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be true instead?”  This allows you to begin to see what is possible.  And then begin to experience how that new idea would feel. Several times each day, imagine how you would be and how you would feel if this were true. Have fun with this and get involved with your imagination. (Oh, and write this new belief down so you can also read it every day – don’t resist this step!)
  2. Create a small “next-step” belief which will take you in your new direction.  Often, we can’t go from where we are to where we want to be all at once, but we can take a small step. Remind yourself you are valuable, worthy, intelligent, and deserving. Feel those ideas, too.
  3. Feel the increased energy and vibration of these new ideas. Get excited about this new energy. Begin to look for new possibilities and get in the habit of praising small victories. Genuine gratitude increases our positive energy which attracts a more positive outlook and creates positive results.

Focus on these three steps for the next week and next week, I’ll post about the next key, expectation.

Say YES to yourself by taking some inspired action

 Rock On

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