Blastoff Can be Harder than Expected


Change your thinking, change your life. On your mark….get set…go! 

What? You haven’t changed yet? How can that be? Changing those pesky habitual thoughts is a bit trickier than we anticipate and many of us give up in frustration. And guess what? When we do, our internal mind chatter (our constant companion, “monkey mind”) is happy.

So, even though our internal mind chatter might be happy, we most definitely are NOT!  The very thoughts we want to change are in our heads before we even realize they are there. And on and on it goes, right?

We need to outsmart ourselves and that main ‘locomotive thought’ (read about the locomotive thought in my blog here:)

It’s helpful to have a plan. What if you could actually plan ahead and anticipate your thoughts so you can “cut them off at the pass” so to speak. And you don’t need to anticipate each and every thought, just the ones you know are keeping you stuck.

And if you don’t know what those thoughts are, that’s a great segue to step 1.

Step 1:  Decide on one issue or challenge you want to work on. What area in your life do you feel the most stuck or the most frustrated or the most unhappy? What are your most predominant thought patterns in this area? Can you pinpoint what activity you are engaged in when these thoughts begin? Let me give some examples in the area of money.

  • Example 1: When you go online and look at your bank balance and this action reminds you of all of your bills and all the things you want to do but don’t have the money to do.
  • Example 2: When you are paying your bills and you get worked up and worried about the money you don’t have.

Now you can easily plan to think a different thought when you engage in this activity. How can you re-frame your negative and habitual thoughts into something more constructive? Have these negative thought patterns been helping you in any way? What do you want to be true instead?

Maybe you also need a tool or technique to remind you to pay attention to your thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. You can use the Mindset Mastery Made Simple guidebook to assist with that. Feel free to modify it to suit your own situation. For my own use, I’ve updated the section called Attitudes and Activities because I’ve found it is very important for my own sense of peace and well-being to begin and end the day with a practice of appreciation and gratitude.

If you have difficulty in identifying your predominant and habitual negative thoughts, this Daily Guide is excellent at helping to identify problem areas. 

bangbang Super-Duper Important Point: bangbang It is imperative you DO NOT judge yourself if you score low, have bad days, or seem off-target. This downloadable daily guide is merely a tool to help you become aware of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Remember, awareness is Step 1.

Action Plan:  Use the Mindset Mastery Made Simple and the Amazingly Awesome ‘Rate Your Mindset’ Scorecard for the next two weeks. Fill it out in the evening just before going to bed. And, no matter how you scored, remember to acknowledge yourself for your courage and commitment.

I’d love to hear how it goes.

In my next blog, I’ll go over some more steps on how to ‘change your thinking (keep it changed) and change your life on your journey to bounce back to a better normal.

Say YES to yourself by changing just one thought!

Rock On

I’m all about helping you to awaken to your value, wholeness, and connection to the divine. And I do this by teaching and guiding you back to the truth of who you are and who you came here to be. Left to our own devices, most of us don’t know how to begin or where to start. We can’t see beyond our blind spots. That’s where I come in. If you need some help in starting or figuring out your ‘locomotive thought,’ let’s connect.

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