Are You Asking Yourself the Right Questions?

2021.07.01 Ask

I didn't even know what the right questions were

Have you ever been in a room full of people who were motivated, enthusiastic, fun, and supportive? How did that feel? Wonderful, right? And what happened when you got home? How long were you able to sustain those feelings? And if you weren’t able to sustain those feelings, did you feel like you were a failure? Did you feel like something was missing? Did you have more questions than answers? I’ve been in that situation many times where everyone else seemed to have the “magic bullet” but me.

In my search for that “magic bullet,” I’ve found hundreds of coaches for women entrepreneurs who promise to help me take my coaching business to an income of 6-and 7-figures per year (that’s $100,000 and $1,000,000). And I’ve spent well over $25K putting my trust in the purveyors of the “magic bullet.” They each had the solution to my problem. They each had the system or the formula to help me do that. They each knew the piece my coaching business was missing. However, none of them had asked if my goal is to take my coaching business to those levels of income; they assumed that was my goal.

  • They didn't ask me what my questions were
  • They didn’t ask me about my vision for my coaching practice
  • They didn’t dive in and ask about my own brand of brilliance
  • They didn’t ask what lights me up and turns me on
  • And they didn’t ask me about my “Big WHY.”

And let’s be honest here. I didn’t ask either.

And because I didn’t ask myself those questions, I allowed others to determine my goals for me. And that is NOT “living my life, my way.” That is NOT living my ALIGNED Life. 

I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach, yet I was behaving as if I did. Have you ever bought an article of clothing that said “One Size Fits All”? I have. How do you have something fit (and look good) on one person who is a Size 6 and another who is a Size 16? Yeah, it really doesn’t work. I don’t think it works that well with coaching or living our lives either.

I believe in coaching which is why I invested in my own coaches. And I also believe in the individual. I believe in your own inner brilliance and I believe in my own inner brilliance.

It turned out that I didn't want THEIR program; I wanted to unleash my potential. I didn't want THEIR system; I wanted to develop a greater belief in myself.

Are you with me?

If you’ve ever felt discouraged because you followed someone else’s advice and it wasn’t fulfilling, don’t despair. If you’ve ever fallen short of accomplishing a goal that you allowed someone else to set for you, don’t despair. You simply forgot your own genius. Maybe you forgot to ask the right questions.

We often need help with seeing through the fog of our limiting beliefs and patterns to find our inner genius and that’s where a trusted advisor, a mentor, or a coach can help. Remember, your job is to awaken and elevate your consciousness and choose the life you want – not what someone else wants for you (or thinks you should want.)

My “Big WHY” is about the work, not the money.

So all of those coaches who wanted to help me grow my business to 6 and 7 figures weren't a match for me. My great sense of joy and gratification comes when I’m able to guide you back to your amazing self. I get turned on when you embrace your magnificence and you value yourself. Is that thinking too small? It is according to some coaching gurus. But I’m okay with that. How about you?

So, what are your questions?  What is your “Big WHY” and how can I help?

Say YES to yourself by having the courage to ask the big questions!

Rock On

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Janet is an effective 'Belief Change Expert' who helps clients go from Overwhelm to Overjoyed, from Confusion to Clarity, and from Surviving to Thriving. Whether you want to grow your business or grow your self-esteem, Janet helps people believe in their own potential and transform their dreams into fulfilling, inspired, and prosperous realities. Janet can help you get the rapid results you are looking for and help you live your aligned life.


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