Opportunity Continues to Knock

Is opportunity knocking but you don’t answer the door because you are waiting for the doorbell?

Are you waiting for that perfect opportunity which will allow you to say a resounding “Yes” to your dream?  Are you looking for a sign that you are on the right path?  Do you want to make some changes but don’t know where to start?

What if I were to tell you the perfect opportunity, the sign, or the resources are knocking already?

Let me give you two examples that illustrate this point perfectly.

One. A few years ago I had a friend talk to me about an opportunity to become an affiliate for a particular service as an easy way to earn a bit of extra (and passive) income. My initial investment would be very small and it was totally affordable.  Did I jump at this opportunity?  No!  Why not? no_good

What if this opportunity was presented by someone famous like Robert Allen, Tony Robbins, or Suze Orman?  Would this affiliate opportunity have seemed better? I don’t know. But it got me to thinking….

One of my goals is financial freedom and replacing the income from my current J.O.B. Could this have been a step in that direction? If so, how many other opportunities did I miss out on simply because I didn’t have eyes to see or ears to hear because I was afraid, I was uncertain, or the opportunity came from somewhere unexpected? moneybag moneybag

Two. I was recently presented with a wonderful opportunity to participate in a free Master Mind group which would be facilitated by a master coach and leader. These Master Mind calls were to be held on Monday evenings (yippee, I’m free on Monday evenings) for 90 days. I was so excited about this opportunity and l was more than ready to begin (I even added the dates to my calendar). This was perfect synchronicity because I had been wanting to participate in a Master Mind group.

However, I neglected to listen carefully. I needed to respond that I was interested and wanted to sign up for this Master Mind group by a particular date and I completely missed the date. By the time I did respond, I was too late and the Master Mind group was already full.

You see, our words and actions need to be in alignment.

We say we want something. We want our dreams to come true. raised_hand We want to experience love and passion. raised_hand We want more money. raised_hand We want to feel energized. raised_hand We want to find our purpose. raised_hand We want tools to help us transform so we can embrace our greatness and live our brilliance. raised_hand

Those are our words.

Ahhh, but what about our actions? What excuses do we make? What emails do we lose? What situations come up that distract us? What do we put off and procrastinate about? What offers and opportunities do we pass up because we think we aren’t ready?

If we are left alone with our own internal mind chatter, we have a tendency to stay stuck. We listen to our mind monkeys and we believe them. And we stay comfortable. 

But all is not lost. Why? Because opportunity continues to knock (and ring the bell).

Just last week someone I met two years ago contacted me out of the blue and wants to interview me for her “Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies” show and even possibly her Biz-to-Biz program. I could be interviewed twice!

I responded immediately with a resounding YES.

Not only did I hear the knock, but I opened the door.

Maybe I wasn’t 100% committed in the past. Maybe I let fear and doubt stand in the way. But I seem to be different now and willing to take more risks, willing to be seen, willing to be powerful, and willing to claim my wisdom and brilliance.

And the universe is responding to my willingness.

What about you? Are you listening? And more importantly, are you ready to answer the knock? questionquestionquestion

Sometimes you just need some encouragement or a small course correction. Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary, but you’re not alone and you are stronger than you think. If you’re ready for a different point of view or to shift to something new, I can help. You can connect with me by scheduling your free 45-minute Say Yes to Yourself Strategy call by clicking the button below.

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Rock On

Say yes to yourself by opening the door when you hear opportunity knocking!


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