2020, You Threw me a Curveball


To say that 2020 has been an unusual, challenging, or tough year would be an understatement.
Little did I know when I was enjoying the musical “Chicago” on February 29, that my social calendar was going to take a 180 degree turn.

And I have to admit, I didn’t always take this change in plans with a grin and a shoulder shrug (at least not at first). After all, I had big plans for the summer: season tickets to see 15 minor league baseball games, season tickets for the Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater and the Coeur d’Alene Playhouse, tickets to see Tanya Tucker and ‘Grits and Glamor,’ a trip to Wyoming, and a trip to Arizona. All scrapped. Just like your plans, I imagine.

What ended up happening for me was that I used this ‘extra’ time (the time not spent at ballgames, plays, concerts, community events, etc.) on my business. And while that sounds like a good idea, I forgot one of my most important practices: self-care. You see, part of my self-care practice is going out to these various events where I can change my environment and decompress. I allow myself to get lost in the music and the enjoyment of the people, the scenery, and the scents. Instead, I was spending more and more time in front of my computer.

And by July, I was burned out. The very thing that used to enliven me and give legs to my purpose, felt draining and tiresome. It felt like W.O.R.K. So, I took some time off. No blogs, no content creation, no Facebook posts. I only continued to work with existing groups or clients. It was 4 months before I was ready to show up for my business (and in my business) again.

Lesson learned: I need more balance

​But I did have some wins

2020 was also a year of great opportunity. I spent a lot of time on spiritual growth and personal development. Thanks to COVID-19, there was an abundance of offerings online. And I dove right in.
  • Jewish spirituality (Mussar classes, Torah study, Jewish Mindfulness, and Jewish Meditation)
  • Human Design classes
  • Heart-centered devotion courses
  • Akashic Records classes
I learned my lesson that I need more balance, and I now take one full day off per week. Gee, maybe I’ll call this Shabbat! Maybe there’s a spiritual principal buried in all of this. And it turns out, Saturday is a great day to decompress, to slow down, and to just BE….
Here are a few more of my 2020 wins:
  • I planted my first-ever vegetable garden
  • I eliminated 20 pounds
  • I read books
  • I painted my interior doors
  • I launched a new class
  • I was interviewed on a podcast and on an online summit
  • I had new countertops installed in my kitchen
  • I had my best year ever financially (and this is without a stimulus check)
  • I trusted myself more
  • I enforced boundaries
  • I purchased a used pickup truck (best.purchase.ever)
  • I got to hang out with my next-door neighbor (who happens to be my daughter)
  • I took a long weekend trip to Leavenworth
    So, my list could go on and on and on. What about you?

Try this end-of-year ritual.

I found out about this end-of-year ritual in 2018 and I really love it. It’s such a simple exercise, I almost discounted it when I first heard of it. But last year I thought I’d give it a try, and it was a game changer!
Are you ready?
Make a list of everything you’re proud of over the past year. Sounds simple, right? But, it’s trickier than you think. We forget a lot of stuff. We don’t want to seem like we’re bragging so we’re shy about what we accomplished. A good tip is to do this with a partner.
Start with, “I’m proud of….” or “In 2020, I accomplished…” and list out things like:
Learning to live in lockdown…Learning how to use Zoom…not killing my partner…going for a walk…staying connected to family and friends…
Start with personal accomplishments. Maybe you enforced boundaries. Maybe you dealt with tricky situations. Maybe you set some goals (and even hit them).
Then move onto to any business or work accomplishments. Keep at it. You might get stuck after 5 – 10 things. This is where your partner will come in handy. They’ll just ask, “what else?” and then remain silent.
Try to get between 30-50 on your list. Yes, you’ll have lots of pauses. And you’ll want to think about the negatives. But keep at it. Keep asking, “What else?” Don’t give up.
As soon as you run out of brags …. what else?
When you think you haven’t done anything good …. what else?
As soon as you think there’s nothing else to celebrate …. what else?
If you tell yourself it was the worst year …. what else?
When you think you’ve written everything …. what else?
I’d love you to share yours. Go for at least 5! 
Say yes to yourself by remembering how awesome you really are!
Rock On

About Janet

Janet is a transformational coach who helps women move beyond the negative voices in their head so they can unleash their purpose, unmask their self-confidence, and uncover possibilities that they have been blind to. Bottom line: she helps them to stop settling, start experiencing the magic of their dreams again, and live their aligned life.


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