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You are worth it.....and it's time you realized it!

Know Your Worth Key

What is self-worth?

Self-worth is all about how you value, appreciate, and love yourself.

It influences almost every single part of your life.

It's often misunderstood because it's commonly confused with...

...self-confidence (wrong!)

...arrogance (wrong!)

...being pompous (wrong!) 


Self-worth is about how you value and appreciate yourself as a person and is not dependent on anything external, like the approval of others. 

Self worth also has many benefits, including:

  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Clarity in decision making
  • Understanding your value
  • Resilience
  • Ability to form healthy relationships
  • High motivation
  • Embracing new challenges
  • Living life fully and being authentically YOU!


Self-Worth Bundle - Yellow No Price

In this self-worth bundle....

purple check mark you'll gain insight into the power of self-worth to motivate, inspire, and take you to the 'next level'

purple check mark you'll discover the three-pronged approach to dealing with criticism from a place of self-worth

purple check mark you'll learn the four areas of self-talk that might be getting in your way

purple check mark you'll explore 32 tips for taking action and igniting the magic of self-worth

purple check mark you'll identify ways to foster self-worth

It's time to claim your worth and live the life you were meant to live

The "You are Worth it" Bundle contains the following....

33-page eBook

Self-Worth Bundle - eBook

AudiobookSelf-Worth Bundle - Audiobbook

Coloring Pages

Self-Worth Bundle Coloring Pages


Self-Worth Bundle Checklist

Quick Tip Videos

Self-Worth Quick Tip Videos

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Carol Quina - Agoura, CA

“Janet has a particular gift that helped guide me to think much bigger, take truly inspired action, and solve practical problems. We need great teachers to help bring out the best in us. I know she brought out the best in me!”

Agoura, CA

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Marian Sjostrom - Sedona, AZ

“I’ve taken a number of classes with Janet. Why? It’s simple, really. She’s approachable, relevant, and funny. Plus, she knows her stuff! And I never feel judged by my lack of progress or backsliding. She helps me feel encouraged, empowered, and open to so many more possibilities than I’m able to see on my own. She brings out the best in her students.”

Sedona, AZ

But is reading or self-study enough to make the changes you desire?

It's not the 'whole enchilada' but it's a great start. And you need to start somewhere, right?

Reading a self-development book isn't the same as reading a novel. It's important to read a bit, maybe take some notes, and reflect on what you're reading. Focus on how you can implement some of the items you're learning.

My book, Life Changing Magic of Self-Worth, isn't meant to be read just once and then put on the shelf or stored on your computer, never to be looked at again. I include 32 tips on taking action...one small, but inspired, step at a time. This book is meant to be referred to again and again. 

Many of us have been taught that we have to prove our worth so we spend our lives thinking we're loved and valued for what we do, not for who we are. And then we act accordingly. We become very busy trying to prove we're enough. 

We think that other people's perception of us determine our worthiness. 

These ideas won't be eliminated after one read-through. But they won't be eliminated after one coaching session either. 


Self-Worth Bundle - White No Price

Loving yourself and valuing yourself is a lifelong pursuit. But it doesn't have to be a struggle. And it doesn't have to be expensive. But you need to start. Maybe you can start small.

Reflect on what your negative mind chatter is telling your about taking action and purchasing this bundle. Is it true? Or are you just making excuses? You found this page for a reason. Maybe it's time to 'choose you' for a change and begin that wondrous journey back to yourself.

Self-Worth Bundle - $18

        imagine the possibilities of a life where you say "YES" to yourself!