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What can you accomplish in only 5 days?

You'd be amazed! But first, you need to get out of your comfort zone!

Are you ready to start living your aligned life in a greater way?

Go from overwhelmed to overjoyed

Shift from dissatisfied to gratified

Clarify what drains your energy 

Increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem

Understand where you need better boundaries

Recognize your value and improve your self-care

In this 5 Day Mini Course

You'll discover the everyday triggers that drain your energy and create a feeling of overwhelm.

And once you discover them, you'll be able to address and eliminate them one-by-one.

Only $27



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Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Carol Quina - Agoura, CA

“Janet has a particular gift that helped guide me to think much bigger, take truly inspired action, and solve practical problems. We need great teachers to help bring out the best in us. I know she brought out the best in me!”

Agoura, CA

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor
Marian Sjostrom - Sedona, AZ

“I’ve taken a number of classes with Janet. Why? It’s simple, really. She’s approachable, relevant, and funny. Plus, she knows her stuff! And I never feel judged by my lack of progress or backsliding. She helps me feel encouraged, empowered, and open to so many more possibilities than I’m able to see on my own. She brings out the best in her students.”

Sedona, AZ

So, dive in. Get juicy. Have fun. Take a chance on you. Say "YES" to yourself for a change.

And begin that fantastical journey back to who you really are and living your aligned life...

...by starting to "Trigger-Proof" your life!

Trigger-Proof Your Life - only $27

        imagine the possibilities of a life where you say "YES" to yourself!