Gratitude Amps up Law of Attraction

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Is Gratitude a Life Hack?

I’m going to “theme it up” this month and spend a couple of weeks talking about the Law of Attraction. Now, before you roll your eyes 👀 and think “been there, done that, old news” stay with me, please.

Yes, there are a ton of people out there talking about, and teaching about, the Law of Attraction. And now I am excitedly adding to all of that noise – and I’m grinning about it from ear to ear (don’t judge!)

Since I know you’re spiritually aware, I know that you know that everything's made of energy. And our thoughts and feelings play a pretty big role in our lives. It’s that Law of Attraction adage of "like attracts like," meaning our thoughts pull in corresponding situations. In simpler terms, whatever we focus on is what reality serves up. Law of Attraction 101.

Even though that basic idea is simple to understand, it’s not always so simple to put into practice. And by practice, I mean practice. We’ve got to ‘work it’ and not just give it lip service. It's not just about thinking happy thoughts and saying a couple of affirmations. It's about rewiring our mind—both the conscious and subconscious bits.

And mindset work is the juicy stuff. It’s what turns me on. Getting to know yourself, and loving yourself, is master-level work IMHO. And it’s why I show up in your inbox and create all the courses and memberships I do.

Why fall into another law, the Law of Averages, when you’re such a universal mega-event and amazingly awesome?

Most of us (and I’m raising my hand here 🙋‍♀️) want things “easily and effortless.” But we can’t just think something once or twice when it’s convenient and expect fantastic results. Yet that’s just what we do (again, raising my hand as this is how I used to be 🙋‍♀️). And then we give up and turn our noses up at the Law of Attraction and lump it in with other universal spiritual laws and go back to orchestrating our lives in the way we know how: forcing, trying, manipulating, strategizing, negotiating, bargaining with the universe, begging, and lots of other things that aren’t very fun or attractive.

So, let’s get attractive. No, I don’t mean putting on some make-up or getting a new haircut (although, that’s good, too). I think one of the most attractive things we can do is to step into a sense of gratitude. Even before you ask for what you want. Even before you get clarity. Even before you write down your desires. Even before you start visualizing. Even before any “Step 1” that you might read about for the Law of Attraction, get grateful.

For what? For everything and anything. I assume you have a roof over your head? Start there. How about your electric blanket? Or Uber? Or fireworks? Or football and baseball and basketball? Or your stove and refrigerator? What about your pets? Let’s not forget your family and friends. Do you have a job? Even if you hate it, it’s allowing you to keep dry, warm, and fed. Is classical music your jam? Gratitude for that wouldn’t be wasted. Spring is coming and I know you’re excited and grateful that the shorter days of winter are almost behind us.

And you know what? Not only is gratitude attractive, it also sets us up for joy. I came across this quote about joy from Rabbi Alan Lew:

“..when we speak of joy, we are not speaking of fun. Joy is a deep release of the soul, and it includes death and pain. Joy is any feeling fully felt, any experience we give our whole being to. We are conditioned to choose pleasure and to reject pain, but the truth is, any moment of our life fully inhabited, any feeling fully felt, and any immersion in the full depth of life, can be the source of deep joy.”

Can you be grateful for feelings fully felt? Can you be grateful for being immersed in the full depth of life?

Gratitude and joy are not easy and effortless. You have to choose these things. And those choices help you reveal greater meaning and embody higher purpose. I think this is what our soul is craving.

And it’s a great pre-step for setting up the Law of Attraction.

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