Is this what's happening in your life?

  • You're not kind to yourself (and your inner critic won't quit)
  • You say "yes" when you want to say "no" and regret it later
  • You do so much but it never feels like it's enough
  • You find yourself numbing out and distracting yourself
  • You are a people-pleaser and put your own needs last
  • You want to live your purpose but don't know what it is
  • Your spiritual practice is inconsistent or non-existent
  • It feels like you take two steps forward and three steps backward and aren't making the progress you expected


But you want to...

  • Love and appreciate all of yourself, even the 'messy' parts
  • Ask for what you need and say "no" with less guilt
  • Feel like you don't have to hustle to prove your worth
  • Release the need to constantly be busy and productive
  • Cultivate closer and more connected relationships (to yourself, to others, and to the Divine)
  • Amplify your impact, boost your self-confidence, and connect with your calling
  • Revel in a spiritual practice that feels like a cozy blanket
  • Experience real self-love, self-care, and self-compassion

In other words, you want to live a prosperous life. An ALIGNed Life!

Stop trying to piece together a fulfilling, prosperous life by following every self-help expert out there and sacrificing your authenticity for acceptance. 

You must learn to love, honor, and respect yourself for who you are, flaws and all. It's important for you to know that you matter and that your voice must be heard. Nothing about you fits into a one-size-fits-all box.  Which is why there are 104 different ideas and activities within the Pearls of Prosperity container and several pathways (novice pathway, student pathway, and master pathway). You get to select and choose which 'pathway' inspires you weekly. 

Whether you're just starting out on your self-development journey or you've been on the pathway a long time, you'll receive  affirmations, journal prompts, contemplation ideas, tools, strategies, and support to help you reframe your self-sabotaging stories into self-empowering actions to help you discover what's really valuable in life (hint: it begins with "Y" and ends with "U").

The Pearls of Prosperity Program is a sacred space for you to find yourself and to finally see that you are good enough, that you are worthy and deserving of the best things and experiences in life, and that settling isn't what you are meant to be doing. 

You can learn to love, honor, and respect yourself for who you are, flaws and all. And that's prosperity!

No more waiting. Get unstuck and free yourself (at your own pace)!

Being you is about to get a whole lot easier.

You’re trying to do so much for so many, and at some point, something’s gotta give.

And usually that something is you.

We — women — give so much that eventually we give up on our dreams, or we physically, mentally, or emotionally give out.


What we don’t do is give ourselves the time, space, and care we need.


Do you have the courage to have a grand conversation with yourself and get to know yourself in a deeper and more beautiful way?

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

It's time to break free and do you without apology and without permission!

It's time to live a prosperous, ALIGNed life!

You don't need to read more books, take more classes, or follow the latest guru. What you need is the self-confidence, self-love, and SELF-TRUST to follow your inner guidance. Yes, you are your own guru - unfortunately, you also get in your own way. 

That's where Pearls of Prosperity comes in. 



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Weekly Affirmations to support prosperity in all areas of your life.

Prosperity is an approach to experiencing life where you can re-align with your dreams, uncover your passion, rediscover your talents, and tune into your value. It includes all areas of your life:

  • Money and finances
  • Creativity and career
  • Health and wholeness
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Self-Awareness
  • Time and leisure
  • Learning, education, and self-empowerment

VALUE: $120

Weekly Journal Prompts or Contemplation Ideas

Each week will introduce you to a new concept about prosperity and allow you to do some self-reflection. Whether you choose to journal or simply sit in quiet contemplation, it's up to you. 

The weekly journal prompts/contemplation ideas are part of the 'student pathway' and are geared to help you trust and follow your own inner guidance. 

You'll receive questions to help you identify self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs, or you'll learn some small steps to take in order to eliminate the stories you tell yourself that keep you stuck. 

VALUE: $500+

Journal prompts (1)

Weekly quotes to support prosperity in all areas of your life. 

The weekly quotes support the ideas found in the journal prompts/contemplation ideas.

The authors of the quotes come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from authors to business professionals to spiritual leaders. 

Each weekly quote is selected to provide a unique point of view and may help you to identify your core beliefs that may have allowed you to stay in your comfort zone. 

The goal is to use these weekly quotes to help you break free of the limitations of living in your comfort zone.

VALUE: $120

Weekly Downloadable Worksheets or Activity Plans

The weekly worksheets can be downloaded and printed (I call this section "Put it into Practice" and is part of the 'master pathway.' 

This is where you take action. Some weeks, the action will only take 10 minutes and it will be a quick win. Other weeks will take more time. 

These worksheets are intended to help you move forward - on your own terms and in your own way. You are encouraged to take these worksheets and use them 'as is' or modify them in a way that suits you. 

Remember,  nothing about you fits into a one-size-fits-all box (or a one-size-fits-all worksheet or action plan for that matter.)

Not ready for the master path? Not to worry. That's why I provide you with a downloadable worksheet. Keep these weekly emails and refer to them at a later time when you're ready to dive deeper, crush your excuses, and live your amazing life!

VALUE: $750

Extra Goodies

Gobs of Extra Goodies

Who doesn't love tips, tricks, tools, and other fun things that help you connect you to your inner wisdom, and experience more prosperous living? I love creating and providing you with bonus content because I'm about helping you do you. Brilliantly. Awesomely. Amazingly. Bravely. Unapologetically. 

Some of the extra goodies include:

  • Values worksheet
  • Guided meditations
  • eBooks
  • Law of Attraction Journal
  • Mindset Mastery checklist and self-love checklist

And that's not all. I wouldn't be surprised if you got some fun 'love notes' in your mailbox on occasion (that's your snail mail, not email) - and who doesn't love to get encouragement and support delivered to their mailbox?

You see, I'm all in and I want to spoil you silly. That's just the way I roll.

VALUE: $500

Monthly Calls for Q&A and Support (Office Hours)

I'll be available each and every month to answer your questions, help you brainstorm ideas, help you crush your excuses, assist you with clarifying questions, or simply to cheer you on.

All calls are recorded so if you aren't able to attend 'live', you can submit your question(s) ahead of time and then listen to the recording.

Recordings are housed in the Facebook group.

VALUE: $1200

Monthly Calls
POP Facebook

Private Facebook Group

Meet, collaborate, and brainstorm with others in the Pearls of Prosperity Program. Imagine a community of women who are actively on the path to deepening their relationship with themselves, claiming their worth, and finally feeling more than enough.  

This journey isn’t just about learning how to prioritize yourself, how to have more energy for your life and loved ones, or even how to expand your capacity for joy. It's about living your prosperous, ALIGNed life. Really, it’s about changing the world.

All of the weekly affirmations, quotes, and downloadable worksheets are housed within the Facebook group as well.

VALUE: Possibly Priceless


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"I'm Ready"
Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Almost immediately, Janet was able to help me see beyond my blind spots and get to the bottom of my fear. She helped me feel more confident and also helped me open up to hidden desires I had completely forgotten about for more than 20 years.”

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“There is a perfect combination of structure and flexibility and the times I've needed extra help and support, the group was there for me - holding me up, supporting me, and being a safe place to share. ”

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I was different after the very first call. I felt bolder, stronger, and able to bring out the best of my being and this feeling increased over each call. Today I am so very busy doing all the things I love in business and pleasure. Thank you Janet. ”

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Janet is approachable, relevant, and funny. Plus, she knows her stuff! She helps me feel encouraged, empowered, and open to so many more possibilities than I’m able to see on my own. ”


These times call for immense courage. They also call for something different.

I believe you are that something different. 

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