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Law of Attraction

Are You Ready for Positive Change?

I’m continuing with my theme this month, which is The Law of Attraction. Now that I’m creating a 5- or 6- week class on the Law of Attraction, I’m noticing blogs, articles, and ads on this very topic everywhere. Even New Thought Leader Mary Manin Morrissey has ads showing up for me on my Facebook and Instagram feeds.

I guess it’s like when you want to buy a new car and all of a sudden you see the exact make and model on the road everywhere!

I know the Law of Attraction (LOA) has been around forever and there are loads of people talking about it, teaching about it, writing about it, YouTubing about it, and even Tik Toking about it. But I wasn’t paying any attention to them. To me, Law of Attraction was just one of many universal spiritual principles and I always saw my personal and spiritual growth work as upgrading my belief system and engaging in spiritual practices that allowed me to embrace the Divine Presence in a greater way.

The Law of Attraction wasn’t my primary “go-to” practice, however, since the Law of Attraction is always activated, I’m aware this Spiritual Law (as well as all of the others) was supporting me (or hindering me when I went astray). And I know it’s all in support of my spiritual growth and evolution. And I love every minute of it (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Yet not everyone is eager to hop on the LOA bandwagon. I’ve heard murmurs that some folks feel LOA is selfish and it’s only being used for our own self-serving needs and getting what we want. And if we get what we want, then someone else might be left without. You know that belief that there’s only ‘so much good’ to go around and if we have more, then someone else has to have less?

I get it. I used to think that way as well. That’s why I was jealous, envious, and resentful of those that had the life I wanted. I can remember feeling like that all the way back to High School. There were the “haves” and the “have nots” – and guess which group I was in?

But I think those folks are missing the point. Sure, we may start out using LOA to get things: the relationships, the financial abundance, the vibrant health, and all the other goodies. But you know what? Something happens along the way to our “getting” stuff and we end up “getting” something unexpected: an elevated consciousness. We end up becoming a positive force for good. We end up practicing kindness and love and forgiveness.

Here’s the thing – mastering LOA isn't just about thinking happy and positive thoughts. It’s way more than that. It takes discipline, focus, and a lot of practice. You need to learn the ropes and be in alignment with the LOA, figure out the techniques, and really put in the effort to make it work.

Sure, it's cool to have a few fleeting thoughts about what you want in life, but that’s not going to work long-term. You might get lucky once in a blue moon, but if you want consistent results, you need to put in the work. It’s all about diving headfirst into it and committing to the whole shebang.

And this takes effort which is where so many of us fall short.

So, whether you're a die-hard LOA believer or just a curious skeptic, why not give it a shot? What have you got to lose, right? Who knows, you might just unlock a whole new level of awesome in your life, you know greater meaning, higher purpose, and deeper joy.


Maybe it’s time to stop just being an armchair philosopher (even though I know that’s a ton of fun) and start unlocking a new level of understanding and purposefully create a life you’ve only dreamed of.  

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Janet is a trusted guide and mentor who helps women move beyond the negative voices in their head so they can stop settling and and start experiencing the magic of their dream again. Bottom line: she helps people answer the questions "why am I here?" by guiding them to reveal greater meaning, embody higher purpose, and awaken to deeper joy. 


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