Beware of the Monsters

Amethyst Geode

I love it when people share their stories. I love it when I can relate to people.

A couple of years ago, my coach at the time shared a very impactful story for me. It was impactful because I was reminded that often we (I?) tend to judge others by what they show on the ‘outside’ (financial success, self-confidence, a huge coaching business, expensive travel, Instagram followers, etc.) and we forget that we all have internal struggles.

So, even though this coach makes multi-millions of dollars each year, he shared that he had a prosperity breakthrough not that long ago. 

A few years previously he was visiting Sedona and he went into one of the many crystal shops they have and he spotted a huge amethyst (I'm thinking it was a geode). Price tag: $18,000.

He thought he heard the price was $12,000 and he was negotiating back and forth with the sales person and he was fixated on getting the best deal. 

That was his belief system: I must bargain and get the best deal possible!

 "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." ~ Stephen King

This belief was a monster that lived inside and he didn't even know it!

Ultimately, the salesperson called the owner on the telephone and the owner told him that he could have it for $14,000 and that would include shipping to his home in California. 

In that moment something shifted.

He realized that his lifelong programming to get the best deal or walk away was fear-based and lack thinking. In that moment he saw things differently; he saw a world of abundance and plenty. 

He gave up the struggle to bargain for a lower price and he simply said to the owner, "Great, I'll take it." And he went on to say that he could literally hear the owner's jaw drop!

So, even though this coach is a multi-millionaire, some of his early conditioning still lingered. And since he made that shift in thinking, making money and impacting thousands of lives has been easier and more joyful. 

These old, limiting beliefs in lack can be like ghosts and monsters that live inside of us. And when they win, we struggle, we deal with thoughts of inadequacy, we wallow in inferiority thinking, and life is endured and not enjoyed. 

The trouble is that we don't always recognize them for the monsters and ghosts that they are. In my coach’s mind, the idea of getting the best deal was thought of as good business acumen and having financial integrity. But those ideas were merely smoke screens for the real culprit: a belief in lack and not enough.

It was one of his blind spots. 

We all have hidden beliefs that sabotage our success and growth. And we've even fooled ourselves into thinking that some of these beliefs actually help us. But once we reveal them, a shift can happen in a moment. If you'd like some help in uncovering them, let's chat.

Say YES to yourself by shifting some of your limiting beliefs!

Rock On

About Janet:

Janet is a transformational coach who helps women move beyond the negative voices in their head so they can unleash their purpose, unmask their self-confidence, and uncover possibilities that they have been blind to. Bottom line: she helps them to stop settling, start soaring, and experience the magic of their dreams again.


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