Stop Arguing for Your Limitations

Why do we argue for our limitations? 

Because we have a limited view and don't see the big picture. So often we act like the six blind men who wanted to know what an elephant was like. They each felt a part of the elephant and they experienced different things. Independently they thought the elephant was like a pillar, a rope, a tree trunk, a large hand fan, a solid pipe, and a wall. They argued and argued for their point of view. They didn't see the bigger picture.

When we make excuses as to why we can't accomplish a goal or learn something new or change a habit, it is because we've become blinded by our limited perception. 

It is vital for us to remain open to possibilities we may have never considered.

It's vital that we continue to learn, to grow, to practice, and to remain open to new ideas and thoughts instead of doggedly gripping onto our biases, judgments, and opinions. 

Sometimes it's a challenge to think new thoughts because we are so used to thinking the same way. Maybe we've lost the ability to imagine things as they 'could be' because we are busy looking at the way things are.

These ideas are not new. How many times have you heard "change your thinking, change your life?" Or how about this quote from Napoleon Hill: "Whatever the mind of man (and woman) can conceive and believe, it can achieve." 

We've heard them. But do we believe them? 

I mean really believe them? And if we do believe them, do we act like we believe them? Or do we act and think the way we've always acted and thought? Do we stay in our comfort zone and turn a 'blind eye' and a 'deaf ear' to new ideas that may help us see ourselves in a new light?

And what if you’re not a ‘big picture’ kind of person? Are you doomed to be stuck inside your limitations and not see bigger possibilities?

Not at all. You see, I’m not really a ‘big picture’ person. I like to be a lot more spontaneous and open. If you ask me, “Janet, where do you see yourself in 3 years?” I have no idea. A lot can happen in 3 years and I want the option to change my mind and make adjustments again and again.

I’m more of a ‘small, inspired step’ person. For me, the end goal isn’t as important as the joy in the journey. And then I ask myself, is ‘the joy in the journey’ just an excuse not to dream bigger?

And I’ll be the first to admit that I might change my mind and make adjustments because I’m stuck in limited thinking (BTW: I don’t mind sharing my failings or shortcomings with you. It’s important to know everyone struggles and if you want someone perfect to learn from, I’m not your gal!)

We all have blind spots in the way we think, believe, and perceive (even me!!). Our blind spots can be comfortable, but they can also block our forward momentum in living the rich, fulfilling, prosperous, successful, joy-filled, purpose-filled, vibrant life that is meant for us. 

Those blind spots might be those limitations that we love to argue for. Sometimes we just need some help in clearing our vision so we can make a course-correction and be open to those new possibilities. That’s why I have a coach. Before I hired a coach, I just did more of the same, only LOUDER and HARDER. But louder and harder didn’t work when my limited thinking was in the way.​

Sometimes we just need help getting out of our own way. I know I did. What about you?

Say YES to yourself by refusing to continue to argue for your limitations!

Rock On

About Janet

Janet is an effective 'Belief Change Expert' who helps clients believe in their own potential and transform their dreams into fulfilling, inspired, and prosperous realities. Janet can help you get the rapid results you are looking for and live your aligned life.



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