Here's what you'll uncover:

🔮 The 5 Core Components of Happiness - Dive into the nucleus of what truly makes your heart sing. Spoiler alert: It's not always where you think it is.

How Focusing on These Components Can Lead to Pure Joy - This isn't just about positive thinking; it's a cosmic recalibration of your mindset, setting you on a trajectory towards bliss.

💪 Habits to Navigate Even the Stormiest Times - Life's tempests may roar, but with our tried-and-true habits, you'll be the calm in the midst of any storm.

🧠 Training Your Brain for Blissful Contentment - Unleash the power of neuro-happiness. Rewire your brain to become a happiness magnet, attracting joy like a celestial force.

🎊 Embracing Traditions for a Fuller Life - Tradition isn't just about nostalgia; it's a secret sauce for contentment. Discover how embracing traditions can illuminate your present.

🌿 Creating New Rituals for Everyday Contentment - Your life is a canvas, and we're here to help you paint it with rituals that spark joy, creating a masterpiece of contentment day in, day out.

                   …and a whole lot more!

Lesson 1

The 5 Core Components of Happiness

Lesson 2

15 Happiness Habits to get you through even the Toughest Times

Lesson 3

How to Train Your Brain to be Happy

Lesson 4

Embracing Traditions and Rituals to Create Contentment in Everyday Life

Here's what's included:

    • 4 self-paced lessons
    • Checklist for each lesson
    • Worksheet for each lesson

  • "My Mindfulness Journal"
  • "Daily Awesomeness Planner"
  • "27 Rituals for Personal Development Checklist"
Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Janet has a particular gift that helped guide me to think much bigger, take truly inspired action, and solve practical problems. We need great teachers to help bring out the best in us. I know she brought out the best in me!”

Agoura, CA

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I love how powerful this class (Prosperity Boot Camp) encouraged me to feel. I became aware of my expectations and where they were supportive and where they needed to be changed. And I felt empowered to make those changes and move forward confidently. I would definitely take ANY class with Janet Kingsley, who is an excellent teacher and leader.”

Cincinnati, OH

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I’ve taken a number of classes with Janet. Why? It’s simple, really. She’s approachable, relevant, and funny. Plus, she knows her stuff! She helps me feel encouraged, powerful, and open to so many more possibilities than I’m able to see on my own. ”

Sedona, AZ


We're all out here chasing dreams, reaching for the stars, and hustling for those grand ideas that sparkle in our minds. And sure, achieving those goals might bring a burst of excitement, but here's the kicker – without contentment, it's like having the fanciest car with no fuel.