What exactly is coaching? And why do I need it?

I get asked that a LOT!

Think of coaching as mentoring. Think of a coach as an accountability partner. Think of a coach as someone who won't buy into your BS stories or excuses. A coach isn't moved by your sob stories or your tons of self-doubt or your years of self-sabotage. A coach sees beyond all that crap and partners with you through tears, fears, baby steps, and giant leaps.

A coach has your back.

Not only that, but a coach offers tools, techniques, and strategies (and in my case, humor and light-heartedness as well) to help you reframe your stories, your blocks, and will (virtually) hold your hand while you try out these new strategies and behaviors and move through discomfort and fear.

Coaching is...

  • Coaching is a powerful way to identify old beliefs and personal blocks that are keeping your stuck.
  • Coaching is a process that brings structure, awareness, and momentum as you consciously and purposely create the life you were meant to live.
  • Coaching is about being intentional and looking inside yourself with laser-like focus.
  • Coaching is about honoring, valuing, and investing in yourself...all of yourself.

Coaching is not...

  • Coaching is not about having a pleasant conversation with me or speaking hypothetically.
  • Coaching is not about revisiting the past and fixing the parts you think need fixing.
  • Coaching is not about staying in blame, shame, or feeling victimized.
  • Coaching is not therapy (thank God!)
Coaching on Computer
  • Imagine how powerful you'll feel when you can say "no" with confidence and without guilt (and say "yes" to yourself)
  • Imagine being heard and understood
  • Imagine not having to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders
  • Imagine yourself in the 'no judgment zone' (YAAAAASSSSS!!!)

There's a solution for you to begin to create your amazing life NOW!

And I'll let you know in advance...coaching isn't for those that are not ready to take responsibility for creating the life they want.

right arrow If you're happy blaming others for your problems...

right arrow If you're happy blaming your parents for the way they raised you...

right arrow If you're happy to blame your lack of education (or whatever) for not getting ahead...

right arrow If you're happy creating drama and chaos...

...then coaching isn't for you

But if coaching seems intriguing to you or if you are simply ready to have things be different, schedule your free call

        imagine the possibilities of a life where you say "YES" to yourself!