It's all about YOU!

My coaching style is one of encouragement and inspiration (think of it as BFF level support and accountability without the jealousy or judgment). And I won't buy into your stories. My skill is to look beyond your stories, your excuses, and your fears to the heart of your resistance.

I love to set you up for success and make sure every session includes a directive which will be an easy win for you. I see the best in you. I view you as a personal explorer on the path back to yourself. I hold a space for you to be authentic (whether that's throwing a temper tantrum, avoiding your feelings, or being 'all in' with whatever is going on). I'm your accountability partner. And I'm your biggest fan and your loudest cheerleader.

It's nice to know someone is in your corner cheering you on.

Now, this doesn't mean we become best friends. In fact, I may often irritate you or piss you off because I'm encouraging you (and nudging you) to look deeply at ideas and beliefs that keep you stuck. And believe me, your mind gremlins will be yelling at the top of their lungs!

My job as a coach:

  • Create a safe and sacred space for you to explore, discover, dream, and take action toward your magnificent life (and say "yes" to yourself for a change
  • Hold you as a courageous and powerful creator (even when you feel scared and weak)
  • Not buy into your excuses, BS, and limiting ideas
  • Provide you with ideas, tools, and techniques to help you discover (uncover) you own zone of possibility (and your own brand of courage, integrity, and awesomeness)
  • Help you remember, accept, and embrace all of you (even the parts you don't like and don't want to look at)


Your job as a client:

  • Be willing to experience life in all of its glory (and sometimes gory)
  • Be honest and available with your feelings - your breakdowns and your breakthroughs
  • Be open to witness your own courage, strength, vulnerability, and growth as old patterns are dismantled
  • Be able to laugh at your foibles and have fun transforming your possibilities into realities
  • Commit to the process!




You deserve better. And there's a part of you that knows it.

It's an unfortunate fact that it's your own inertia and fear that keeps you stuck. Even now as you read this, something within you thinks you are ready. And then...

...the internal mind chatter (I call it your monkey mind or your mind gremlins) convinces you not to take action. Your internal mind chatter convinces you that you'll do it soon.

But soon doesn't come. The time is NOW.

I know you've got excuses up the wazoo. And I also know those excuses (not enough time, not enough money, I'm already over-committed, blah, blah, blah) are just ways to keep you stuck and safe and small.

There's a solution for you to begin to create your amazing life NOW!

And I'll let you know in advance...coaching isn't for those that are not ready to take responsibility for creating the life they want.

right arrow If you're happy blaming others for your problems...

right arrow If you're happy blaming your parents for the way they raised you...

right arrow If you're happy to blame your lack of education (or whatever) for not getting ahead...

right arrow If you're happy creating drama and chaos...

...then coaching isn't for you

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“I was made aware of patterns and habits that were undermining my forward movement and success. I had Janet's support, encouragement, accountability steps, and wisdom along the way. I'm now much more able to deal with things without feeling completely overwhelmed. Five Stars!”

Phoenix, AZ

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Janet really helped me uncover feelings of abandonment and betrayal and she helped me see my automatic reaction to those feelings...anger. If you're ready for change and you want your life to get better, I'd say do yourself a favor and contact her.”

Sedona, AZ

Janet Kingsley | Possibility Doctor

“Because of working with Janet, I've been able to follow up with clients more consistently, take inspired action regularly, and not get so stressed out. And the results speak for themselves. I've tripled my income and my relationships got amazingly better. Not to mention having more fun!”

Flagstaff, AZ

Ways you can personally work with me

Before you even decide you want to work with me, it's a good idea to schedule your free call first to see if we'd be a match for coaching. I don't work with just anyone and you shouldn't either. I only work with my ideal clients and those that can benefit most from my style of coaching.

A coaching relationship is just that....a relationship! And it's important for the coach and the client to be on the same page. What if you don't like my sense of humor and get offended? No bueno.

So, click on the scheduling link in the footer of the webpage to schedule a free call. What can you expect on your free call (besides no selling tactics?)

Get clear. Create a crystal clear vision for your business or your life so you exactly what you want, where you're headed, and what you need to do.

Get perspective. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last. I can see beyond your blind spots and offer you a different perspective to see what's possible.

Get excited. When you find someone you can share your dreams with (and who is also a safe place to share), you'll find yourself renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek. That's awesome!

Braveheart Program

This is my 5-step signature system created for those women who know they've been settling for too long and are ready to come out of hiding and live life on their own terms. They are ready to step into their authentic power; meaning they embrace their strengths and don’t shy away from looking at what they’ve perceived to be their weaknesses. They’ve finally opened their eyes and realized they’ve been living someone else’s dream. They're ready to ask themselves, "What do I want?" So they are excited to begin.

The 5 steps:

 Redefine (uncover the real you)

Reclaim (unleash juicy, irresistible goals)

   Rediscover (unmask gems inside your stories)

Redesign (untangle self-sabotage)

Reconnect (unveil excitement and inspiration)

You can find more information by scheduling a FREE call by clicking below.

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Pay-as-you-go Sessions

Not everyone wants to be locked into a system. Or a set day and time for our calls. They want the flexibility and the fluidity to take life as it comes. Whether this is working on challenges, issues, goal setting, or self-worth (or anything else), they are growing and finding their way back to themselves in their own time and at their own pace. You can pay for 1, 3, or 5 sessions at a time (and of course, the more you pay for, the deeper the discount!).

Possible results and outcomes

Amplify your impact

Boost your self-confidence

Connect to your purpose

Discover your dreams and talents

Engage your passion

Find fulfillment

Is your interest piqued? Are you curious? Are you wondering if you can afford it? It's simple. Schedule a call and we can talk. And see if we'd even be a match!

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        imagine the possibilities of a life where you say "YES" to yourself!