Find Your Purpose & Unleash Your Passion

🌟 Discover Your Purpose and Ignite Your Passion! 🌟

This is your journey, and there's no "right" or "wrong" way to navigate it. So, grab your curiosity, pack your sense of adventure, and let's embark on this epic quest together!

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Optional Add-On: 45 Minute one-on-one Coaching Session

This self-study course is a great STEP 1 on your journey to discovering your passion and purpose. As you probably realize, the information provided in step 1 will only take you so far....

Chances are you're searching for more than just information, you want to connect with your calling. You want to unleash your passion. You want transformation! 

You have an opportunity to work with me privately, directly, and intimately to help you go deep within the course content so you can:

  • gain the clarity and insight you need to apply the ideas presented in the course in order to amplify the impact they have in your life
  • identify self-limiting beliefs that seem to keep finding your purpose 'out there' and just out of reach
  • create your own course-correction strategies and tactics to help you find your purpose and unleash your passion, once and for all!


This call will be between 45-60 minutes

If you choose this private one-on-one session, you'll get a link to my calendar in a separate email so you can schedule your appointment. Your private one-on-one coaching session must be used within 6 months of purchase (we don't want the information going stale, right?)


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Autumn Mystic Find your Purpose and Unleash Your Passion

Find Your Purpose & Unleash Your Passion

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re I here or what you’re meant to do? It’s the age-old question: “What is my purpose in life?”

This is a 4 part eCourse filled with information, checklists, and worksheets where you will discover:

  • What is meant by purpose
  • If you really need a purpose
  • How to find your purpose by evaluating your talents
  • How to find a deeper purpose by exploring your passion
  • How to make your purpose a passionate part of your life

…and a whole lot more!

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