5 Days to Trigger-Proof Your Life

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This self-study course is a great STEP 1 on your journey to step into self-love and begin to live your aligned life. As you probably realize, the information provided in step 1 will only take you so far....

Chances are you're searching for more than just information, you want to feel powerful. You want to feel confident. You want to claim your worth. You want transformation! 

You have an opportunity to work with me privately, directly, and intimately to help you go deep within the course content so you can:

  • gain the clarity and insight you need to apply the ideas presented in the course in order to amplify the impact they have in your life
  • identify self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in settling and and pretending that everything is okay. 
  • create your own course-correction strategies and tactics to help you prioritize yourself, once and for all!


This call will be between 45-60 minutes

If you choose this private one-on-one session, you'll get a link to my calendar in a separate email so you can schedule your appointment. Your private one-on-one coaching session must be used within 6 months of purchase (we don't want the information going stale, right?)



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Trigger-Proof Catalog Image

5 Days to Trigger-Proof Your Life

In this 5-day mini course, you'll discover the everyday triggers that drain your energy and create a feeling of overwhelm. Once you discover them, you'll also create a plan to address these and eliminate them one-by-one to help you go from overwhelmed to energized.

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